Acclimating Inhabitants

Quarantine tanks are essential in that many do not simply know about or think as being unimportant until they face some of the negative consequences. Whenever a new inhabitant is transported from the breeder's location to the aquarium shop, and then finally to your aquarium they go through a ton of stress which lowers their immune system. A lower immune system will allow for parasites, diseases or any other negative aspect to manifest itself within and not show any visible signs until they...


Stocking Essentials

Paragraph: highly recommends the usage of AqAdvisor to get the correct stocking levels for your specific setup size, equipment used, and other aspects. Please note that this website does have into effect a conservative view when calculating the stocking levels and water change levels. This tool will also allow you to be able to see if species require different water parameters, or in some cases, they might be each other prey in the wild.

Inhabitant Zones

There are three distinct different...


Freshwater Tropical Getting Started Guide

The most important part of getting into the aquarium hobby is buying the correct equipment, tanks, stands, and other various requirements before you'll ever think about what inhabitants you want to keep. We have created an article that is devoted to just letting you know the various options out there, what their benefits and drawbacks may be, and lastly how to properly set up an aquarium so that you will never lose any inhabitants.

Before we talk about any equipment, we will suggest that...


The Nitrogen Cycle

In a closed environment, such as your aquarium, many things such as fish waste, excess food, decaying plant matter (if you have live plants) will build up toxins inside of the water. Since there is no big water to dilute such factors, we must make sure that we create and have a stable biological filtration to break down toxins happening at all times. There are three common stages to this biological filtration, in which different types of beneficial bacteria eat only a specific type of toxin...