What brand of water conditioner do you use?

  • With all of the different types of water conditioners out there, which one do you use? Is there any reason why you use that specific one (as some have added benefits like increasing the slime coat)? I personally have been using Prime since for like ever, since I find it to be consistently good and I’ve never had any bad bottles compared to other brands before.

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  • I’ve been using Seachem Prime since forever, I only recall ever using a Tetra/Aqueon product when it came with a tank I purchased and just wanted to have it filled up and good to go right away.

    I don’t think there are too many products that have any negatives, and any just have additional things they do besides just reducing chlorine into a nontoxic chemical (such as trapping ammonia, adding slime coats to fish, etc).

  • Seachem is the one I have always used because it is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater tanks meaning I only have to buy one no matter what tank I currently have. I have had no issues using Seachem and find it works to make the water perfect for the fish I have in the tank, especially with the stuff you get in tap water nowadays you can never be too careful.

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