Anemone carrying ich?

  • I had a couple snails in the same tank that were removed when i saw traces of ich in a fishless QT with a bta. Question is how long would I need to QT my bta now that those snails possibly brought ich into that tank? Or should I just separate after bleaching all equipment on 2nd QT?

  • I’ve never personally heard of any anemones having ich, are you sure that there aren’t any other invertebrates (hitchhikers even) that may have been accidentally added in who carried it? It could also be that those snails (not sure if you added them proper or not) may have carried it and now it’s finally showing traces.

    I’d separate out in another QT tank to make sure, but ideally if your main tank is fishless running an ich treatment should take care of everything including treating the snails.

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