Natural ways to clean tank

  • All of us know to clean the tank as that keeps the fish healthy. Since I’m into eco-friendly & holistic living, I was wondering if there are some natural ways to clean not only the tank but also the plants & items we have in them?

  • The biggest natural method to clean the tank, substrate, plants, or even any decorations would be to use white vinegar. It's natural, actually pretty cheap compared to other cleaners, and it won't be harmful if some is accidentally left inside when you put the fish back in (unlike bleach which requires HEAVY cleaning and verification that there is none left, otherwise in small traces it is fatal).

  • Vinegar, using good old elbow grease is probably the best. Sponges work, and if the dirt or grime is bad even trying to use hot water + a pocket knife to not scratch the glass but remove anything tough sticking on it (from my last lovely experience when I bought a used tank with horrible calcium stains all over).

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  • The best natural ingredient are the vinegar and salt which will remove any hard water stains and fishy smells. But make sure that you thoroughly rinse and clean an then fill up with water.

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