Do you feel that you are testing as frequently as needed?

  • How often do you test your water compared to others? 3

    1. Above Average (0) 0%
    2. Average (3) 100%
    3. Below Average (0) 0%
    4. Rarely (0) 0%
    5. Not at all (0) 0%
    6. Other (0) 0%

    Do you feel as if you are testing your aquarium water enough, or are you more or less doing it more frequently than needed or far less frequently? If you would compare yourself to other aquarium owners who test, where do you think that you would be on a scale?

  • I’d say average, since it test it maybe once a month. In the early stages I would test it around once a week (or multiple times). I only really test it more frequently if I’m doing water changes to make sure everything is the same from old water parameters to new water parameters.

  • I voted average. If you notice problems you'll need to test more often to keep things safe, but if your doing things right and being careful, testing doesn't have to be as often. If anything, it's probably better to be on the testing more than average side than the opposite.

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