Which types of fish go best with shrimp?

  • I would like to have 1 to 3 fish (smaller fish and non-schooling) in my shrimp tank just to allow for more fertilizer for the plants. I had thought of getting a siamese fighting fish again but I read that the shrimp can be bothersome for the fish so I am not sure I want to risk that. Any suggestions?

  • Betta fish have such a wide personality that it can be hard to say that they may be completely fine with your shrimp (some will keep pecking at them as if they are food, etc.). Some good fish are normally those of similar size (tetras are a good example), or those commonly referred to as dither fish (almost all species of danios for example).

  • Smaller fish that can’t be food for the shrimp, but also fish that aren’t aggressive such as cichlids or those that would view shrimp and smaller creatures as food in the tank.

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