What do you do with snail eggs?

  • Hey there!

    I saw that JustAFishServant was asking what to do with snail eggs. Well, let me tell you, crushing them is not the way to go!

    Snail eggs are actually pretty cool - they hatch after about 2-4 weeks and you'll have a bunch of tiny snails wriggling around. But if you don't want more snails, you can remove the eggs and freeze them for a day or two to kill the embryos before disposing of them.

    Personally, I like to leave the eggs alone and watch the little snails hatch. It's like my own little nature documentary!

    Hope that helps!

  • This is very true. Crushing them is never the best idea at all and I would not advise that. As stated, if you do not want them, freeze them and they will die or if you don't mind them, leave them and they will hatch.

    It is quite interesting to see them when they hatch as well but that is only if you want the snails.

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