Tropical Treasures

What wonders are you in store for at Tropical Treasures? A wide selection from extraordinary fish to reptiles, plus unmatched expertise.

Address: 3502 W Greenway Rd #7, Phoenix, AZ 85053


Monday 10AM–7PM

Tuesday 10AM–7PM

Wednesday 10AM–7PM

Thursday 10AM–7PM

Friday 10AM–7PM

Saturday 10AM–7PM

Sunday 10AM–6PM

Phone: (602) 993-8000


We're the Valley's go-to pet store, not just for a wide selection, but for unmatched expertise. The staff at Tropical Treasures has more than 50 years of expertise to draw on, so you can ask us any question you've got. In fact, we receive customers from large pet stores who need answers from specialists like us. And we're happy to help! Take a look around our shop and discover something new -- our shelves are packed with extraordinary fish, reptiles, amphibians, and more, plus all the supplies you could need to take care of them.