Recent Changes & Updates (December 2019)

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Recent Changes & Updates (December 2019)

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This is just a quick outline on some of the various things that we have added, changed, updated, or removed. Depending on the frequency of details that we have ironed out, this may be posted on a regular schedule, or can be more defined once we have a lot of things to discuss and share with you all. If you have any suggestions or feedback on what you want to see, don't want to see, or just how you feel about the experience here, please let us know! Changes Overview
These are details that are visible to Guests, Registered Users, and others who actively use
  • We have updated the Taptalk plugin AND our community to know allow for you to like, see who has recently liked, and know who appreciates what you have posted recently. This is on a per-post basis, and can be seen by everyone (up to 10 members who recently liked that given post).
  • Logging in with a social media account instead of having to register an account by using your email address. If you are new and want to use this feature OR if you already have a forum account, you can create/link the two by selecting "Login" and then following one of the options BELOW the normal sign in method. Selecting this will take you to your preferred social media authentication page, where you will be redirected and asked to follow additional prompts.
  • We have added in additional enhancements to verify those who create an account, but either never validate it (through the verification required method) OR never create any posts/topics. This includes sending a number of additional emails to the email address on file with various options and links to help troubleshoot any problems that may have been the issue.
  • When creating a post, you now have the option to "soft delete" such post to a topic. This will still show that you have created a reply to the topic, and the date that it was removed (although all of the content will be removed and not visible).
Server Changes Overview
These are back the scene changes that may not be reflected when visiting, although can improve access/speed/security overall.
  • We have removed some aspects that were creating cache issues when doing changes (you would see the changes days later vs. being instant).
  • Additional aspects are cached at the CDN level and/or minimized to have a smaller footprint when using low bandwidth devices.
  • We have increased the GDPR regulations to now take affect to all countries, regardless of visit type, etc. We also have tweaked our cookie banner (that will display on your first visit per device AND every ~30 days to remind you) to be in future compliance of any new/upcoming regulations.
  • When uploading an avatar that is above the maximum size or pixel dimensions, we will now automatically resize the image to fit the guidelines. Please note that if the image is a GIF, for obvious reasons, we cannot resize it without making it turn into a static image.
  • Additional links that are not hosted on will now automatically open into a new window rather than opening in the current window.
Upcoming Plans/Ideas
These are ideas and plans that we are actively trying to materialize, although some of these may change from what is noted below, or some may not appear in the next round of updates depending on size of work/effort that is needed.
  • Fixing some bugs regarding "Who Is Online" & "Searching" where the page may load as blank, or only show a maximum of 10 results when there is far more. We have identified the piece of coding that has created this limitation and are working to resolve it after additional testing is completed.
  • Finalizing our official logo and banners to use for social media and on We are still awaiting from the previous changes to be tweaked in.
  • 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is something that we plan on adding as soon as possible. This has currently been delayed due to issues that are further upstream, so we were not able to make the 2020 deadline that we expected this to be completed before.
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Love the theme and the responsiveness from everything, but any word on when we would see a logo? Is there any chance of it being like a character style or something?

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zexavrj1kc wrote:
January 23rd, 2020, 4:35 pm
Love the theme and the responsiveness from everything, but any word on when we would see a logo? Is there any chance of it being like a character style or something?
We're still working in terms of the various logos (one main one, and then smaller ones to identify us on social media, etc.). I don't want to leak anything yet since we're still going through various revisions, which could end up not looking like our final product.