What substrate do you like to use the most and why?

What substrate do you prefer to use?

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Crushed Coral
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None (bare bottom)
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What substrate do you like to use the most and why?

Post by Avery » July 4th, 2019, 12:37 am

With all of the various color options, appearances, grain sizes, and endless possibilities of combining them in any random order needed, what substrate do you like to use and why? Is there any specific preference that makes you want to use one over the over, or have you found any possible benefits in your aquarium using one over the other?

I'd personally have to say that it really depends on the mood and style I'm going for with the aqua-scape. If I'm looking for something more natural and relaxing, I'll always go with sand (either pool filter sand or black diamond blasting sand), or if I'm going with something that is more specific for what it contains (since sand can be bad for those with poor eyesight) then I will lean with some type of natural looking gravel (fluorite, for example since the coloration won't just rub off).

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Post by v_danger_v » July 4th, 2019, 6:03 pm

I like the look of gravel, since you can kind of mix two colors together (or more, I’ve seen those glow in the dark ones where it’s black and has some colored pieces that glow under a blue light) and it just looks right. Plus it hides the poop and food that get left on the bottom until I have time to use a gravel vac to clean it all up.

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