howdy I'm cppp0

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howdy I'm cppp0

Post by cppp0 » November 20th, 2019, 3:16 pm

hey everyone, my name is cppp0 and I can't wait to learn a ton of stuff about the hobby and get into it!

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Post by Avery » November 23rd, 2019, 2:31 pm

Welcome cppp0! You can ask all of the questions that you have ever wanted to know, and we’ll make sure that we have all of the answers you may need. The aquarium hobby is a ton of fun, and once you get into it, you’ll never want to get out.

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Post by v_danger_v » January 7th, 2020, 11:40 pm

Welcome cppp0! I must say that I read your username as if it was from Star Wars as cp3o for a second or two.

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