Flakes, pellets, wafers, oh my

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Flakes, pellets, wafers, oh my

Post by v_danger_v » July 4th, 2019, 9:08 pm

What food type do you guys feed to your fish? Do you keep it random (a mixture of these just on different schedules), or do you just specifically one type of food?

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Post by Avery » July 6th, 2019, 6:52 pm

I tend to be on a feeding schedule where I will feed pellets one day, the next day I will feed flakes (specific kinds, not the generic one you can find at any aquarium shop), then I feed pellets again, before feeding some algae wafers and waiting 2 days before repeating the schedule. I do this since some fish require both meat based and plant based foods, where as others prefer just algae/plant based but in the wild would get some insects (so the meat won't harm them). I've done a similar schedule to this for years, and have always seen a very noticeable difference between the coloration of the fish when they are first added to my tank and a few months after.

I skip 2 days since the wafers tend to be bloat creating (as they are still expanding with the fish and invertebrates tend to fight over eating as much as possible), and in the wild they would never get fed every single day. This allows for their stomachs and bodies to process all of the food through those 2 days, which can be a nice time for them to prevent bloat or other issues that can arise.