About Us

Aquariu.ms is your one centralized resource for anything and everything relating to the aquarium hobby. We not only provide details about specific aspects, but we also provide a more general approach when it comes to different inhabitant species, plants, equipment, and more. All of our articles are written are done so as community members request them, or they are common questions that are asked throughout the aquarium world. We take pride in making sure that every aspect is centralized around not only experts but also can be read by beginners who are just jumping into the hobby.

What separates Aquariu.ms from its competitors is not only the selection of team members but also how the community is actively engaged with every aspect. Our website and forums are not only just a simple place where members join us, but they can create articles, share information regarding their experience, and provide any new updates that are happening in breeders around their area. In doing so, we can provide the most current and accurate information that may not be fully passed down to other resources or communities.

Although we may have advertisements around our website and forum, this is only to provide revenue to pay for the server costs, contest prizes, and other various things that are all related to Aquariu.ms. If you do not wish to see these advertisements, we highly recommend creating an account with us as they are disabled the second you are logged in. We will always provide access to our content all for free, without the requirements to have any members pay for anything out of their own pockets to have access to some premium areas or information. By allowing everyone to read, access, and view everything, others can share the knowledge that is commonly not shared, or can be skewed when being passed from community to community.

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