To understand the very basics of keeping fish, invertebrates, or even corals that you want within a closed system, we must first understand what the requirements are for a saltwater (or brackish) aquarium. We will walk through some of the common things that are required when first thinking about purchasing a tank and equipment, getting things started with the nitrogen cycle, adding your fish, and making sure that they are healthy.

We strive to ensure that not only can beginners read and understand each article, but also experts looking for specific and detailed data backed not only by, but by agencies and studies done around the world. Communication between breeders is greatly focused upon, since they will understand the trends of breeding, taking care of fry, and even newly found information about diseases and genetic issues that can appear due to the common practice of inbreeding for specific color/fin traits.

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Saltwater Aquarium Setup

Saltwater Getting Started Guide

The Nitrogen Cycle

How to Choose Compatible Fish for Your Community Aquarium

Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance

Doing Water Changes With Saltwater Tanks

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