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    I think doing the right tank design is not an easy thing. You have to learn to make changes often and it does happen whether you do it consciously or not. It comes with some level of practice I suppose. But changing few things like plants and the overall stuff in the aquarium can be done.

    I think this should take a bit of practice on how to isolate specific fish. I guess it comes from practice and not something you can just explain by words. Maybe using the videos you can get the idea on how to target and isolate fish for the catching the stuff.

    I think most of the fishes that your aquarium shop recommends can be worth going with. Make sure you research on the pairs as this is what you would be making use of for the keeping care of those fishes. I also make sure to watch some of the youtube videos in the same space. It helps you with learning small things on that part.

    Over the period of time, I have lost a lot of good fishes due to either my mistake or due to the tank having some predatory fishes. So somethings I have learned over a period of time on how not to make those mistakes. I hope that I don't do them again and manage the pairs properly from next time onwards.

    I think I have maintained both fresh and saltwater over the years. I think the fish and the overall setup guide has been based on my setup idea and it turns out it was good based on the suggestions that I have got so far. I hope to continue with that as well.

    I have been taking the recommendation on this from the nearby aquarium shop. And the place has guided me positively. Based on the plants, fish and overall setup they tell you how much is the right water for the tank. I follow their advice often and it worked out for me so far.

    I have seen that a lot of fishes mostly make use of the coral to hide out. And I wonder if this is kind of safe for certain fish as they tend to get cornered and may get killed in some cases. Like if you have big fishes who can corner them and crush them under. But it can also help them hide too so i always wonder if corals are safe for all types of fish.

    What do you think?

    I was thinking of getting one of the auto feeder but I always worry about the quantity they can push into the tank. I mean the feeding more than necessary is inviting the problem. I wonder what are some of the options I do have in case of the auto feeder? Do you have any good set of the models suggestions?

    Do you use any specific model for your own tank?

    I want to make one tank plant only and at the best I can keep the shrimp or maybe some snails into it. So as to keep the ecosystem going. I don't know what are some of my options in this case. Do you think such type of the plant only tank is a good idea? Or it can serve as a means for the isolation tanks in case if I can get any new fish who needs such?

    Have you done any experimentation with some sort of similar plant only tanks?

    I have been struggling a lot to keep the fish. most of the time my neon tetra ends up dying despite maintaining the water cycle. I don't have predatory fish in the tank as of now but thinking of keeping the hardy fish. So what are my options in this case?

    Current sceenarios is tha a lot of pet stores are not open. And some of them are also low on the supplies too. In fact some are like harder to get the internaitonal delivery so they tend to not get much pet food which is imported. But yeah we are moving closer to the december and things will go normal slowly if not completley normal.

    I share my room with another room mate and we take care of the tank while I am gone or she is gone. So we choose to take care of the tank in the absence of each other. And it works out for us in that case. I also want to find out if there are automatic feeders and light management as well.

    I think if you are into community tank where multiple fish groups move from one place to another at the same time. And you find that calming then you should definitely go for the community tank. But the thing is that often one species only tank is worth it if you can't spend much time maintaining it.

    More artistic designs you make, the more you have to spend money and time to maintain them. Larger aquariums in fact are even difficult to clean and take care of as well. I personally think that investing into the tank which you can afford is the key here otherwise you know things can be hard.

    I heard from some of my friends that there are some of the fish that can eat the waste at the bottom of the tank. And it seems like those fish are more or less cleaners in the tank. Which is a good thing. I am wondering though which type of the fish are good for the aquarium tank.

    What are your suggestions for such type of fish?

    I live in small apartment with small rooms. I can't think of large aquarium horizontally but I can manage more of vertical space. I am not sure which type of the fish are suitable for it but I am thinking if tetra fish with some greenery into the aquarium is suitable?

    What are your suggestions in such case?