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    Power cuts are rare but they still do happen in this day and age. Let's say the heater or chiller went off. If one was to occur, what's the best way to protect the fish & cause the least amount of destruction? Thank you for your advice.

    I'm completely new to owning a Tank, so what's the best way to clean it? How often should I be? Is there anyway I can pay for a professional cleaning service? Any advice would be much appreciated.

    The largest advantage that living plants have for your tank by far is that they provide oxygen, consume the carbon dioxide ( CO2) and ammonia ( NH3) released by your fish. They are 100% necessary.

    If the designer was famous and was trusted, I would definitely pay more for a designer tank. Although, it would depend on my budget at the time of purchase. If it was a generic design, I would look elsewhere for a better price tag.