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    Second on the trumpet snails - although if you are aquascaping and trying to keep different shapes in your substrate they are a bad idea because they will dig until it's leveled out again xD!!

    If they get out of hand - get a clown loach - they love them - the pea puffers will bite at them as well but their favorites are the Physa snails (which are harmless to any plants that I've had and lay those clear jelly egg sacs which some fish enjoy eating!)

    They are also easy to breed - along with the trumpet snails - in fact, you can't help it, lol. My puffs did run out of Phsya snails and I had to buy some locally and breed some myself in a little snail jail :P

    Yes I have, I slide the light to the front or back of the tank so it is shining brightly on the glass wall and in about a week there will be a nice coating of algae that flows with the current that I see some fish pecking some bits off. :)

    Some types of algae (eg. spirulina) is considered a Super Food for humans packed with nutrients so I would assume some would be good for the animals who evolved to graze it :D