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    I had no idea it was toxic to cats, which is weird because I am super cautious about that around my cat. Both of my tanks have lucky bamboo and it has been great!! I do have mine fully submerged and my cat has no way of getting to may tanks. However, if I didn't fully submerge it and my cat could get to my tanks, I definitely wouldn't have get it. Although most say you cannot fully submerge lucky bamboo I did a huge amount of research on it before doing it and came to the conclusion that it would be totally fine, and it has been in both of my tanks. It's also super cheap (at least where I got mine) and looks amazing. I'm curious if you decided to get some for your tanks.

    Are you saying you want to keep a tank with plants and no fish? Its definitely possible! The fish provide the waste that is used as nutrients for the plants. As long as you are adding a fertilizer or other source, it should be fine!