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    Bigger tanks are easier to maintain and clean, believe it or not. I have had everything from 5 gallons to 60 gallons and the 5-gallon tank has always been the most time-consuming for me.

    I had one years ago and loved her. She was playful and fun to watch. I decided to introduce some fish to her space to liven it up and it ended up making her sick. I removed the fish and cleaned everything for her, but it was already too late. She slowly died over the course of a month. I felt terrible. I have wanted to get another one since losing her. I see so many people keep them with fish but I am not sure it is a good idea.

    From my understanding, this is nothing to worry about if it happens now and then but if the fish has been like this for days, it can be sick. Either sick from poor water quality or eating something it shouldn't have.

    I have fancy guppies that breed like crazy. I never bothered with containers. I use smooth pebble stones on the bottom of the tank and each birth, 3 to 5 manage to survive just fine. If you want more to survive without using a box or anything, you can use glass marbles or "carpet" on the bottom of the tank. They are net-like plastic plant squares the fry can hide in.

    I like the fake glass coral reefs but they are so expensive to buy. I found one I almost got until I realized it was only 2 inches bit. They wanted $13 for it! I wish this kind of stuff was cheaper, I would have some of it to go along with my live plants.

    So I had issues with BBA for months and never got it under control. Ended up having to do a new tank with mostly new items.

    I had soil in the bottom of the tank and I think that was helping it to grow too rapidly to the point where the shrimp couldn't manage it.

    When I set up the new tank, I did smooth pebble stones for the bottom and put the soil in clay pots to keep my plants in. I have not had any issues since doing this!

    The lionfish is my favorite in the saltwater realm but I have yet to bite the bullet and buy one. I have been researching them however and am considering using an old tank I have lying around to get one. I am just concerned it will not be large enough. It is a 30 gallon tank. Some people say that is the minimum and others say lionfish shouldn't be kept in anything under 50 gallons. Which is correct?

    I have a tank with shrimp and fancy guppies. I have had them for a while now since they keep breeding and bringing the numbers back up but I have lost several to dropsy and I can't figure out what is causing it. Does anyone know what the main cause of this is in fancy guppies?

    I have been having trouble finding these for well over a year now. I had a few older ones die off and I wanted to replace them but every pet shop around here has been out of them and I can't even manage to find online stock anywhere. Is there some sort of shortage of these shrimp?

    I had an issue with BBA in my small freshwater shrimp tank. I had bought some plants online and I believe they were contaminated. I ended up having to redo the entire tank and soak everything in peroxide for days to kill it off. Other things I just threw away.

    Anyways, I noticed something odd in my utility sink. It is one of those older cement ones. It started getting black slime growing in it and this was about 10 days after cleaning out the old tank. I think the finish had been worn down and the algae may have gotten into the pores of the sink.

    Is this possible?