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    Whilst having a saltwater aquarium is something people do enjoy, sometimes taking care of the saltwater aquarium can be quite time-consuming and can also be quite costly as well. Due to this, some people may be faced with the decision to have to give up their saltwater aquarium either because they no longer have the time for it or because they do not have the time to dedicate to it anymore.

    A lot of the time, people tend to sell their saltwater tanks along with the fish and everything else with it to those who are looking for one.

    Have you ever had to give up a saltwater tank? What was your reason for doing so?

    Something I can't say I ever noticed when I had my fish is whether they ever fought or not. As much as I was doing a lot of work on the tank at the time when I had one, all my fish seemed to get on and I never had any worry about them fighting.

    I do know though that sometimes fish can and will fight from time to time.

    Have you ever known your fish to fight? Was it a recurring problem? How did you deal with it?

    I recently found out about air stones that you can use in your tank that whilst not as effective as something such as a filter, can work towards keeping your water clean and also helping with the oxygen in the water as well.

    I have never had an airstone in my tank before but I do wonder if others do have one and whether they feel they are beneficial to their tank.

    Do you have an air stone and is it something you would recommend to someone else with a tank?

    Something I have always been curious about when it comes to tanks that you house your fish in is how long you should keep a tank before you need to replace it. Things such as the tank becoming weak or not being able to clean it well enough I would have thought would be an indicator as to how often you need to renew your tank.

    From your own personal experience, how long should a tank last before you need to renew or replace it so that it stays stable and safe for your fish?

    I at the moment do not have a freshwater tank, I took a break from keeping a tank at least for the time being as I did not find that I had the time for it at the moment.

    Many others will more than likely have a freshwater tank though and it could either be a new tank that you have just set up or one that you have had for a while that you are maintaining.

    The current freshwater tank you have at the moment, how long have you had it for?

    Whilst I do not have a saltwater tank myself, I am always curious to see and hear about others who do have a saltwater tank. I know that most saltwater tanks have coral in them and it got me thinking about the kind of corals you may have in your saltwater tank.

    If you have a saltwater tank, what kind of coral do you have in your tank? Do you prefer a specific kind of coral?

    With each person's tank, you will find that many people have different plants depending on how they want their tank to look or whether they are going for some kind of theme. Whilst some people will go for basic plants for their tank, others prefer more unique-looking plants.

    With that being said, what kind of plants do you like to have in your tank? Are you more of a basic person when it comes to plants or do you like to be unique?

    Something I noticed is how many people tend to keep snails in their tanks as they are good at keeping algae at bay and also eating food that has not been consumed by the fish which could also cause issues within the tank.

    I myself have never had any snails in my tank before but I do realize that they can be quite beneficial to the tank.

    What kind of snails are there for a fish tank? Which ones would you recommend?

    I recently saw some Mandarin fish and I could not believe how beautiful they are with the colours they have. With me not being someone who tends to not keep a saltwater tank, this is not a fish I would be able to have but it got me curious as to whether anyone else has or has had a Mandarin fish.

    Have you ever had a Mandarin fish or would you like to have one in your tank?

    Whilst some people tend to just build up a tank in a way they like and do not tend to follow a theme, some people like to have a theme for their tank. I have seen some that have been Disney themed for example using The Little Mermaid or even Finding Nemo.

    Do you or would you have a theme for your tank?

    Whenever I look for tanks I have always ever seen circle ones, square ones and even rectangle ones but I do know that there are unique-looking ones that you can get but they may be more expensive when going for something more unique.

    What is the most unique-looking tank you have seen? Share an image if you wish :)

    This is not something I have done myself but in the past, I have seen others who have kept snails in their tank. I am not sure what the purpose is of the snails in the tank but with so many people keeping them in the tank, it did get me wondering that they must have a good use.

    Do you keep snails in your tank, what do you use them for?

    So something I have seen a few times when looking around the internet regarding tanks is that some people tend to have aquariums built into their bathroom, either freestanding or built into the walls.

    These do look really nice but I do wonder when they are built into the wall, whether it would be difficult to manage the tank.

    Would you have an aquarium built into your bathroom?

    When it comes to taking care of any fish, you will more than likely come across some kind of disease whether it be one you have seen before and is easy to treat or whether or not it is one you have not seen before and are unsure of how to treat it.

    When it comes to any saltwater fish you have taken care of, what would you say is the worst disease your fish had and that you had to deal with?