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    I do what I can to try and ensure that my tanks are at the right temperature for all the fish I house in them but obviously, it can be difficult to always get the right temperature for them all but definitely not impossible. I would say that all species are in the tank with their ideal temperature maybe once a day.

    I can honestly say I have never added anything to the water when it comes to preventing algae as I have always been too worried about it being bad for the fish. I tend to use other practices to help keep my tanks from growing too much algae that I know are friendly for my fish. I would definitely try and avoid anything like this just to be on the safe side as you never know if your fish may end up severely ill from it or worse.

    Yes, any long period of light when it comes to anything that has water in will always cause a lot of algae. Think if a pool in summer, if it gets a lot of sunlight on it, eventually after a little while you will start to notice algae forming in the water resulting in you having to change the water out. The same happens with tanks if you have them in sunlight for too long. This doesn't mean don't let them have any sunlight but try and limit how much sunlight they get to prevent a lot of algae build up.

    I have in the past myself looked at buying fish online and I was always quite happy with the prices but it was always the delivery that put me off purchasing them. The price of the fish is really good but the shipping is what really bulks it up unless you spend a certain amount. If I am only wanting a few fish and I don't want to spend the amount they ask for so I get free delivery it would still cost me quite a lot anyway just to get them delivered. Due to that I have always stayed buying them locally and getting them myself.

    I wouldn't be too alarmed if your fish is changing colors as they get older, this is normal and happens as they get older. It is really awesome to see them changing colors as they get older. The only time I will worry is if they have other things happening as they get older such as their fins fraying or even a big change to their scales.

    I think for me in terms of what fish I have looked after, goldfish have been the ones that I found the hardest to keep. I had a few goldfish that died within a few weeks and still to this day I do not know what killed them. We have had goldfish in the past that lived a lot of years that my grandma had at first and we took a few years after and they lived for a while but since then, I have found it difficult to keep goldfish which is shocking as they seem to be the most popular when it comes to wanting a fish or fishes as a pet.

    Mine would without a doubt have to be goldfish when it comes to chooses a favorite fish. They are easy to manage, and they look amazing. I guess I am a little biased as I have had more goldfish than any other fish in my time of having fish.

    The longest living fish we ever had were some goldfish. My Grandma had them at first in her garden in her pond and when it got too much for her, we took them and the pond and placed it in our garden. They must have been with my grandma for around 3 years and then we had them for at least another 3 years before they passed. That is the longest I remember any fish we had lasting.

    I often did wonder this myself if I am honest whether or not you could keep jellyfish at home in a tank. I can't say I have ever looked into it myself even though I do have a huge fascination with jelly fish and used to love watching them in the water from a ship we used to go on where I lived. I am curious myself if you can keep them or if there are some laws regarding that.

    It really depends on the kind of fish I have at the time as to whether I give them a handful of one kind of food or if I give them different kinds of food. I know when I only had goldfish, I gave them one particular kind of food at they were happy with that so that wasn't too much of an issue. I am curious though to hear what others feed their fish and whether it's a variety or just one kind.

    It's definitely not difficult to get started at all when it comes to freshwater tanks. I would definitely do some research into freshwater tanks and freshwater fish before you jump into getting a tank and fish to find out what would work best for you in terms of fish and the tank. Many start off with a small tank and a few fish and go from there and then find themselves making a hobby of it.

    When it comes to a freshwater tank, I would say start off small at first until you get the hang of maintaining a freshwater fish tank and gradually move up as and when you feel ready. What fish are you looking to keep in the freshwater tank? Goldfish are great for start out, but it really depends on if you are looking to go for Goldfish or something else.

    I wouldn't say that starting out with a saltwater tank isn't the best way to start. If you do quite a bit of research into saltwater tanks and get down the basics when starting out, you should be fine to start out with a saltwater tank no problems. It all depends on what fish you are looking to keep in your saltwater tank and what size tank you are looking to go for.

    Yes, without a doubt no matter where your fish tank is, it would need to always be cleaned out regularly to prevent any issues with the water that could affect your fish. I would always say that an outdoor tank should be cleaned out more a lot more regularly than an indoor tank, say once a week would be efficient enough to keep things clean and running as they should.

    This is the first time I have heard of an outdoor fish tank, but it does have me intrigued. I guess with it being outside and possibly in different temperatures and also possibly in sunlight quite often, you would definitely clean it more often than you would a tank that is in door. I myself tend to clean my indoor tank once a month fully with water top ups throughout the month. I would advise cleaning yours maybe at least once a week with it being outdoors and more things like algae would build up being outside.

    When it comes to a full clean of my tank I will do that at least monthly unless there is some reason why I have to do that before then. Throughout that month things like cleaning marks off the side of the tank or even just topping the tank up are all I will do as to not affect the fish too much too often. I find once a month works well with a thorough clean and helps to keep it from getting too bad.

    Seachem is the one I have always used because it is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater tanks meaning I only have to buy one no matter what tank I currently have. I have had no issues using Seachem and find it works to make the water perfect for the fish I have in the tank, especially with the stuff you get in tap water nowadays you can never be too careful.

    No, there should not be any issues at all when it comes to the magnets that you use in a tank for things such as you mentioned. These will have been made specifically to be safely used within this environment so that they don't rust or cause any issues in the water. I would definitely replace though if they ever get damaged as once they are damaged, you will find they may end up causing issues.