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    My vote would have to be for a community based tank - while some species only tanks do look good indeed, I feel like the fish swim around more naturally when they are inside of a tank with a ton of their other native related fish with them. Plus, who doesn't love seeing a ton of flashing colors fly around compared to just one species color set.

    With everything that seems to be going on in the world (from the COVID-19 situation, to the protests, to even big companies having to lay off their workers or reduce their workforce due to the social distancing requirements/guidelines), are you worried about getting some of the aquarium related supplies now? I've checked some stores, and they appear to have a limited stock (or really, sold out of specific types of products) and although there is Amazon, it seems like for non-essential items they have increased the time it takes to ship them out of the door.

    I do have to say, I visited here once before when I saw someone post a helpful link on Reddit - but I love how you guys changed everything around. Definitely makes navigation easier since before there wasn't a direct way to like go view the difference between diseases from freshwater or saltwater, or even to really drill down just to diseases.

    All that you guys need next is a new logo since on the mobile view it shows the software's default logo that you guys are using.

    It looks like when I try to use Tapatalk on this forum, I can see all of the forums, all of the users, and even topic names with the short description on what the post does contain. However, when I try to view an unread post it will load up an internal error code that says I should give to you guys in order to check your logs to trace what happened. Sadly, if I mark the topic as read and then try to open it, all I can see is "Sorry, no content available" - but when I open up a web browser, it works correctly and as expected.

    I'm not sure if it's just the way my Tapatalk account got setup, or if there is something else going on (or any other users are seeing this but can't create a thread to report the errors)?