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    I remember always being into it since I was a young, young kid due to my dad. I'm still learning new things every single day, but I'm totally open to try new things when it comes to saltwater tanks since they are beautiful (freshwater is too, but not so much my thing).

    I'm looking to buy some hammers, I'd prefer for them to be somewhat smaller but pretty vibrant in coloration. I am willing to meet in person, pickup from a store (if you legit know any that are good or are open right now), or buy them online (as long as they have a tracking number and some sort of tracking warranty aspect attached). Thank you!

    Just want to say this before you keep reading, SOME tanks do not specifically need a protein skimmer to start with (or really ever), but a majority DO need it depending on the setup and other equipment. For all of us out there, did you have a protein skimmer to start with or did you get one right away before adding anything else in?

    When it comes to critical equipment (chillers, core heaters, backup filters) I tend to use name brand equipment with a solid warranty. Otherwise not well known brands work out perfectly since you can get some legit equipment for cheap while also getting some quality aspects (similar to how some name brands do have a knock off brand but it's legit the same equipment with a different manual and coloration).

    Since with saltwater, substrate matters highly when it comes to keeping those living inside the tank happy - what substrate do you tend to use?

    I tend to stick with fine grained mediums that are around 0.5-1.7mm in grain size (mixed with some super crushed calcium) in order to allow for some sand shifting fish like my gobies to be able to dig (and be happy), while also having the benefit for the nitrate reduction done inside of the tank naturally.

    I honestly added in snails first since I figured they were the hardest to kill while I was still testing out doing water changes, etc. from mixing the salt into the water at the time (I know, painful, but my local stores didn't have any of it pre-mixed sadly).