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    That’s also a good idea! I tried to fish her up from the tank but she’s like a bullet. I’m thinking about puttin a mason jar in there and just pulling it out at night when they all rest in it lol

    Hope you’re all well! I’ve been looking into how best to clean a tank and separate the fry from the adult parents with a lot of mixed advise. The parents are two Cichlids and seem to be caring for them. Right now the fry are still squirming around on a castle decoration too small to swim and occasionally one of the parents will mouth brood them, or pick them up if they fall from their place. How do I clean my tank that’s starting to get dirty with algae without upsetting the fry and parents? I have two snails in there that seem either uninterested, or that the algae is too much for them too eat.


    Hi everyone, I’m worried about my little guy. He’s gotten a part of his tail that’s turned white and the part of his face turned white. I’ve been giving them anti-ick stuff but it’s not helping him get better. But he’s not getting worse? Any advice? He’s the one in the back. I know hard to see.