Scheduled Server Maintenance (9/24/20 1AM EST - 2AM EST)

  • Starting today, September 24th from 1 AM EST until 2 AM EST, there may be some downtime (pages either not rendering correctly or loading at all) while we perform a migration from our current hosting server to a dedicated hosting server. This will solve all of the issues when it comes to the unexpected outages we have been seeing for the past week from 2 AM EST - 6 AM EST, increase the speed at which our website loads for all visitors, and also improve responsiveness when it comes to uploading attachments/images.

    Please be patient with us as some of the changes will require us to move over the domain name to the new IP address, which for some users, may take anywhere between a few minutes up to 48 hours at worst. If you still are unable to access after this window, please reach out to us via our social media channels.

    Thank you for being patient while we sorted out this problem, and while we perform the necessary migration to prevent this from occurring again.

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