Support Guidelines

  • For us to better help not only understand your problem that you are encountering, please give all relevant information possible. Sometimes information as simple as knowing what browser are you using can, in many cases it can lead us to a full solution for your issue(s).

    Please include information that would help understand your situation such as:

    • What exactly are you trying to do?
    • What is the expected result of what you are trying to do?
    • What browser are you using (version information would be helpful as well, if possible)
    • Do you have any screenshots to show what the issue is (include all screenshots as an attachment)?
    • Is the software reporting any errors to you (as a popup or the full page)?

    With all of the following information above, it makes it extremely clear on what you are trying to do and any possible issues that are preventing this. In many situations providing a screenshot when asking a question on how to use a certain feature is not required, but if you are getting any error messages then it will be highly beneficial.

    Please do not use this section for the following:

    • Any question, problem, or issue that is not relating to (anything that is not on this site is not a support problem).
    • Any issues between members (messages sent between, out of site issues, etc.).

    We appreciate your cooperation, and hope that we can resolve any issue you may be experiencing rapidly!