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    Buy any aquarium and get an additional 10% off on an oak, birch or poplar CABINET STAND & CANOPY.

    Buy any discounted aquarium and stand, and get 20% off on any type filter, sump, protein skimmer, heater, LED or fluorescent light strips, substrate, rock, driftwood, or any other type decorations.

    Inquire about shipping via text/Cel 816-935-6794 or inbox us here. Our address is....

    Aquariums Wholesale

    132 s clairborne olathe ks 66062

    Open 10-7, sundays 12-6

    We can also order in any size aquarium, and we make custom made cabinet stands, canopies, and have filteration systems at guaranteed LOWEST PRICING ANYWHERE so inbox for a quote.

    If you have an Aquariums that you want to trade in or sell, WE BUY & TRADE AQUARIUMS.

    Shipping, Delivery, installation, maintenance are available, pm for info

    Aquarium Masters aquariums

    have at least a 5 year warranty, most are tempered, or drilled and then tempered for extra strength ? and literally last a lifetime!

    NEW AQUARIUMS include:


    Reefer 170 complete system 1099

    Reefer 250 complete system 1499

    Reefer 350 complete system 1849

    Reefer XL200 complete system 1249

    Reefer XL300 complete system 1649

    Reefer XL425 complete system 2299

    Reefer XL525 complete system 2799

    Reefer XXL625 complete system 3299

    Reefer XXL750 complete system 3699

    Reefer XXL900 complete system 4699

    Reefer peninsula 500 complete 2899

    Reefer peninsula 650 complete 3499


    All 5g-55g starter kits 10% off and get FREE substrate

    3g bow all in 1 w/led complete filtration 85

    5g all in 1 w/led complete 95

    5g peninsula all in 1 w/led complete 95

    5g all in 1 full view slanted front 165

    7g all in 1 full view slanted front 195

    8x8x8 acrylic all in 1 w/filtration 59

    10x10x10 acrylic all in 1 w/filtration 79

    12x12x12 acrylic all in 1 w/filtration 99

    20g 20x15x12 20g all in 1 DROP DOWN acrylic Aquarium w/stand regular or peninsula 295

    30g half moon tank combo 245

    16g bowfront complete kit 169

    26g bowfront complete kit 199

    36g bowfront complete kit 245

    18g all in 1 rimless complete 20x16x13 275

    24g all in 1 rimless complete 24x18x14 295

    26g all in 1 rimless complete24x18x15 345

    45g all in 1 rimless complete25x22x19 475

    16g biocube LED all in 1 265

    32g biocube LED all in 1 345

    250g 96x30x22 RIMLESS 3 sided Starphire center back overflow 3495

    380g 96x36x26 dual overflow 2995

    400g 96x30x32 dual overflow 2995

    320g 96x30x26 dual overflow 2395

    320g 96x24x32 dual overflow 2395

    250g 96x24x26 dual overflow 1695

    220g 84x24x26 dual overflow 1595

    225g 72x24x30 dual overflow 995

    300g 72x30x32 dual overflow 1795

    300g DD “Deep Dimension” 72x36x26 dual corner overflow 1595

    250g Deep Dimension 60x36x28 starphire glass dual overflow 1395

    220g 72x24x30 895

    220g 72x24x30 dual overflow 995

    200g Deep Dimension 48x36x26 reef ready dual overflow 1195

    180g 72x24x25 reef ready with custom rock background installed on back ? has room for 2 MP40 to be mounted on the back(150ea used if needed) or can use cheaper powerheads there or they can make a cool fish house/cave 1295

    180g 72x24x25 dual overflow 875

    180g 72x24x25 775

    160g 48x24x32 dual overflow 675

    140g 72x18x26 495

    140g 72x18x26 dual overflow 595

    140g 72x18x26 single overflow 545

    140g 72x24x19 dual overflow 595

    125g 72x18x22 445

    120g 48x24x24 495

    120g 72x24x16 RIMLESS drilled 695

    120g 60x18x26 dual overflow 545

    120g 48x18x31 445

    120g 48x18x31 single overflow 495

    105g 48x24x21 RIMLESS starphire glass single OF 845

    90g 72x24x12 RIMLESS drilled 575

    90g 48x18x25 275

    90g 48x18x25 single OF 345

    80g 48x24x16 RIMLESS single OF 425

    80g 48x24x16 RIMLESS starphire glass single OF 545

    80g 36x24x21 RIMLESS starphire glass single OF 675

    95g 36x24x26 single OF 425

    90g 48x18x25 245, stands 195+

    90g 48x18x25 reef ready 345

    93g 30x30x24 RIMLESS 375, stands start at 119

    48x18x21 75g single OF 245

    75g 48x18x21 145

    65g 36x18x24 175

    60g corner bottom drilled 195

    60g cube 24x24x24 215

    60g cube 24x24x24 RIMLESS 235

    60g cube RIMLESS 1 overflow 295

    60g long 48x15x18 109

    60g 48x24x12 RIMLESS 295

    60g 48x24x12 RIMLESS 1 OF 375

    60g 48x24x12 235

    55g 48x13x21 109

    45g 36x12x24 129

    45g 36x24x12 175

    45g 36x24x12 peninsula overflow 275

    40g 30x18x18 RIMLESS all sides Starphire glass, can be drilled 195, add stand 50

    40g Breeder 36x18x17 89

    40g 36x15x18 85

    38g 36x12x20 99

    35-45g hexagon w/stand/top 195-$245

    35g 30x20x20 RIMLESS 135

    30g 36x12x16 85

    28g 20x20x16 RIMLESS 99

    21g 29x20x12 RIMLESS 89

    20g 24x12x16 29

    10g 20x10x12 15

    5g 13

    2.5g 10


    5g 9

    10g 10

    20g 20

    30g 30

    40Breeder 50-60, add stand 60

    16g biocube all in 1 w/stand 75, needs light

    38g Nuvo Innovative Marine bow all in 1 complete with stand, heater etc 375

    40g acrylic 24x24x17 reef ready 95, add stand 75

    45g 24x24x18 reef ready w/plumbing 145

    45g 36x12x24 w/cabinet stand, led light, filter, heater, gravel 195

    55g Tank only 55

    55g 48x13x21 reef ready bottom trim damage 75

    55g tank, top, led light, filters, and much more 145, add cabinet stand 95

    65g show 48x13x24 cabinet stand, top, led light, filtration, and much more 275

    65g 36x18x24 w/cabinet stand, top, filter, heater, light and more in great shape 275

    50g 84x6x18 extra skinny acrylic w/stand and canopy 125

    58g oceanic center back overflow, oak stand, canopy, reef lighting 275

    58g with cabinet stand 145

    65g 36x18x24 single OF 145, add BLK stand 125, add canopy 35

    65g with cabinet stand, top, light, filter 245

    65g 36x24x19 back drilled 165

    75g tank only 99, add stand 50

    75g reef ready w/plumbing 95

    80g reef ready acrylic octagon with neon decor, stand, filters, lights, plumbing 345

    93g 30x30x24 reef ready rimless with cabinet stand, sump, pump, skimmer 595

    95g 36x24x25 drilled 245, 2 weeks old

    100g starphire glass oceanic reef ready tech tank stainless 445

    95 corner reef ready bow scratched with matching stand 175

    120g 48x24x24 reef ready with plumbing and blk cabinet stand 445

    120g 60x18x26 with cherry stand/canopy, top, light & filters 545

    150g 72x18x27 oceanic reef ready w/cherry oak stand, canopy, sump, pump, protein skimmer 595

    150g 48x24x30 drilled 195, need resealed 95 extra to reseal w/guarantee, add nice cabinet stand 175, add nice canopy 125

    160g 48x30x26 drilled 395

    175 bowfront 72x18-24x26 reef ready w/cabinet stand 595

    175 bowfront w/cabinet stand, tank needs resealed 250 for both

    180g 72x24x24 drilled 450, free stand and canopy(nothing special but will hold tank)

    220g reef ready with wave style oak stand and canopy w/reef lighting, 55g sump/refugium filter, plumbing, and DC controllable return pump 895

    220g 72x24x30 peninsula with custom

    stand, canopy with doors on both sides, sump, pump, full reef coral lighting was over 4000 new, great shape 1195

    230g 72x30x26 reef ready 445

    250g 60x36x28 Starphire glass reef ready Marineland tank with matching blk cabinet stand, needs resealed 475 for both


    180g 72x18x31 center back overflow 695

    200g acrylic 68x24x30tall, recently buffed out front and sides, 495 and I’ll throw in a free cabinet stand with it.

    230g 8ft Long acrylic bowfront reef ready with stand 3500 new, great shape, front glass buffed out so looks like new 1095

    230g acrylic peninsula 68x31x25tall o poiwnninsula viewable from 3 sides and can be used as a room divider, just buffed it out so looks?895

    We also carry a TON OF DRY GOODS…4/posts/1741498929353009/

    Including Hang on back overflow for sump starting @ 29 if u don’t want to drill.

    100g+ acrylic wet dry filter, refugium, and reef filters complete starting @ 99.

    Lots of wavemakers, protein skimmers, pumps, chillers, algae scrubbers, leds etc new and used in stock.

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