News: Edition 1

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    We have a bunch of new items to go over that we have recently added, changed, or modified in their current state. We list below some of the high-level changes and are even going to show you some of the planned changes that we are currently either exploring as options, in the work of modifying/creating, or have on the to-do list once some other items get progressed more.

    Recent Changes

    • A brand new logo, icon, and social media avatar designed by Chris Y.!
    • Added a new marketplace, along with adding some additional required fields to make it easier to search and sort through that forum. Please Note: Tapatalk is unable to create a new thread in that forum due to the required fields not populating the app.
    • Our social media platforms have been launched! Feel free to follow us, like us, or let your friends know about us! Twitter: @WebAquariums Facebook: WebAquariums Instagram: WebAquariums
    • Redesigned the categories system for articles to make it easier to sort from freshwater, saltwater, or other articles that are listed.
    • Optimized some of the elements on our page to allow for it to load faster for those of you on slower connections/mobile devices.

    Upcoming Planned Changes

    • We're testing a newsletter-based system that would allow for someone who has already created an account or those who have not, to receive a monthly newsletter based on current events happening without the aquarium trade around the world.
    • Finalizing the design of our new style for the website (we'll show more previews the closer it gets to its finalized version).
    • Adding more content in regards to fish, algae, invertebrates, corals, plants, and more! Please be patient as we are still finalizing some of the display elements to allow for photos to be placed in line with tables and text.
    • Exploring the option of having built-in apps to do calculations for items quickly, including possibly checking if a given set of species are compatible with another set.

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