News: Edition 14

  • We have a bunch of new items to go over that we have recently added, changed, or modified in their current state. We list below some of the high-level changes and are even going to show you some of the planned changes that we are currently either exploring as options, in the work of modifying/creating, or have on the to-do list once some other items get progressed more.

    Recent Changes

    • We are currently running the most up-to-date software for the community, articles, shop, gallery, and calendar systems. You may notice that options, tabs, and other aspects have changed including the layout of content.
      • There is now just one style, with a toggle based on your browser settings to either switch automatically to a Light theme (the default) or a Dark theme. You can also toggle this setting within your User Account to make it stay as Light or Dark all of the time regardless of your browser settings.
      • We've had to disable some of the various plugins we were using to provide a small benefit to the community, however, everything that is critical or you are used to using has stayed. This means that third-party applications such as WSC-Connect and Tapatalk no longer function for the community, as we are awaiting an update before re-adding them to the community. In the meantime, you can browse via a smartphone and still enable notifications to see them as you traditionally may from using those third-party applications.
      • Menu items have been renamed or recategorized with the update, and some items may have been removed or pushed into another submenu/location than they previously were. Please let us know if you cannot find something you were able to prior, so that we may assist you!
      • The text editor has been fully redone to provide a simpler layout when replying to users' members, along with having icons that are more friendly for the eyes to do BBcode or prior text customization.

    Upcoming Planned Changes

    • We are adding more articles and pages behind the scenes once we are completed with the redesign of existing pages, including the addition of more photos/images on all current pages/articles to enhance what you are reading. If you have any photos that you are willing to submit that will help in current or future articles/pages, please send them to us!
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