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    Looks like a bobbit worm in its early stages (hard to tell due to it blending in with the color of the sand). Are you able to take it out and put it in a bowl of just water?

    Exactly, using either silicone pieces to separate it all out or possibly making sure that you have fish that will not mix it around since many will as a territory aspect or may when they get scared.

    You can also use gravel instead for both which will prevent them from mixing as easily as sand will throughout the time.

    Well, looks like one of my submersible lights just burnt out (does not turn on at all, even using another outlet or another charging box). Sadly, it’s outside of the warranty window but makes me wonder if this was underwater how it would have handled.

    Just ordering another one of the same kind so I’ll give them another shot to see if maybe I just got one on a fluke.

    I’ve tried to but they all seem pretty unrealistic. I think the most realistic one that took care of needs/wants, and some level of compatibility was probably Zoo Tycoon back in the day with the Marine expansion pack.

    They are old technology that used the substrate as the filter and allowed for all of the beneficial bacteria to grow in. The problem is that any fish that like to dig will ruin it, and it also only does biological filtration compared to mechanical and chemical like other filters can do in a fraction of the size.

    I mostly did research and designed the tank around their care (or around the other fish that also were going to be in there).

    Never, ever, go to a fish store and buy a fish without knowing their care and having the aquarium setup to their specific care and requirements.

    We do have an article on this on treatment and causes, but would for sure do some large water changes and then treat with the medicine that this recommends; Fin Rot

    I’ve have them before, but would definitely recommend that you setup the whole enclosure to what they need (water, also land area that has possibly dirt in it/mud).

    They are pretty cool, make interesting noises when trying to call for their mates, but just one that you can watch and not really touch (similar to turtles in a sense).

    Many people suggest using a mixture, dependent on your algae that is growing and how big your tank is.

    I always highly recommend Malaysian trumpet snails since they are hidden during the day, Otocinclus catfish, some shrimp, or even going as far as possibly as other fish branded as algae eaters.

    The biggest thing to note is that just because they fall under the algae eater group, they require more than algae as a food source. Even Plecos which are known as the algae eating fish, do require protein in their diet or they will start sucking the slime coats off of other fish (similar to how Chinese algae eaters do this over time for the same reason).

    I’d honestly avoid a pleco since they tend to be high waste fish, and a majority of them get bigger than the small juvenile size that is sold in stores. I’d also highly recommend to first figuring out why your tank has algae and trying to control it, as buying a fish to do that may not work out fully (since they could not eat that specific type or won’t be able to keep up with the amount of algae that gets grown).

    Red algae is pretty rare in a freshwater tank, and is commonly found in saltwater tanks (think of it as their version of how common green algae is in freshwater tanks).

    As far as it being the same - kind of, but not exactly. The one that grows in freshwater would never survive in saltwater, even though they have the same appearance it’s a different type of algae all together.

    I don’t think that there are any animals that specifically eat the waste from another animal. Many think that snails or shrimp do, but what they really are doing is picking apart the waste for the uneaten parts of food to consume.

    Same can be said for catfish or algae eaters, as they are looking for the pieces of food that nah gather with waste but aren’t specifically waste.

    I wouldn’t recommend hiring someone unless it’s a huge tank with monster related fish (as they may think you are food).

    Most people clean their tanks once a month or twice a month depending on their water change schedules - and it really just involves taking a cloth and rubbing away any algae from the glass and decorations, using a gravel vacuum to suck up extra waste/uneaten food, and also making sure the water splashes that have dried on the lids and sides aren’t built up too much.

    I recommend to always have some type of backup power supply, mostly those UPS type of units so at worst you can run a heater or chiller for a long period and maybe flick the filter on and off to prevent the beneficial bacteria from dying off (maybe even a small battery operated air pump to mix the water surface to get a good gas exchange going as well).

    I mostly have to add water (about a gallon and a half) to my turtle tank every 3-4 days due to the open top (no lid), heat generated from the heating lamp, and a fan that is blowing from the vaulted ceiling like 95% of the time.

    All of my other tanks have lids, and maybe need 1/2 a gallon added to them once every 2 weeks or so.

    I would honestly say, the bigger the better. Normally 20 gallons or more is better since it gives you more room and water in case parameters swing, and the more water you have the harder it is to poison them vis the nitrogen cycle dependent on if you are doing fish in (or fish out).

    Exactly as Gilbert said - white spots normally means Ich - in some cases however, it can be other things. If you could take a photo it would help to identify it better.

    Do you ever plan to sell off some of those snails or give them away? I could totally see you helping others since people want like $15 on eBay for like 10 snails.

    I’ve thought about it, although I might honestly give them away to members on here if they pay for the postage stamp depending on how many they need.