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    Have you ever brought something new into the tank, either live rock, various species of fish that were ordered, or other aspects and noticed days or months later you had hitchhikers?

    Did you keep them, or did you kill them as fast as you noticed their presence? What were they if you can remember?

    With many who run sensitive species, having a backup running in the pipeline or having two units that (if something were to happen to the other) could keep the tank going under sub-optimal conditions, do you run two chillers or only one?

    Have you ever seen anyone personally run two (minus sea attractions, parks, etc.)?

    Any new updates?! How big is the turtle now?

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    Good point, no big updates minus the one Chinese Algae Eater got eaten (and some of the danios shockingly), and a movement of the filter output to be onto the wood itself and moving some of the river rocks around.

    I’m still awaiting for some more driftwood to appear at my local fish store, so I can add a new platform on one side so the turtle can be in the water and resting on a level platform.

    Turtle is probably a good 1-1.5” inches longer, maybe slightly wider. The mark on its shell from when I got it appears to be the same (slightly bigger now as the shell grows), but it’s been having a great diet so no other health issues or concerns yet! I’ll have to share more photos once I get the driftwood pieces I need and clean up the glass a tad since the hard water out there has already left some deep calcium deposit spots all over.

    Any idea on the fix for the “Like” on Tapatalk at all? Otherwise no complaints (minus the new marketplace not being supported through Tapatalk).

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    The reaction system from Tapatalk is the core issue, we’ve let them know it’s a problem (along with a few others who have as well) and they have yet to patch it. I’d assume once we upgrade to the newer software version in the near future, they will release an update that will hopefully address this bug fix as well.

    We’re currently working on adding in freshwater and saltwater content first, and then we will add in brackish. This is later since it’s a mixture of both, with less overall items (articles, forum layout, etc.).

    The only real difference between them is mostly what type of plant, and how much sunlight it requires. Plants like dwarf hair grass, Anubias nana tend to be in those packages since they are smaller and require sunlight on multiple sides than just from the top down (where a tube would prevent much sunlight from even hitting the plant fully).

    If you have recently purchased any plants or moss balls from Petco/Petsmart, or someone who uses the same Breeder as them, you may want to be on the look out for these highly invasive mussels.

    I’ve owned them once or twice, they can be really fun but the issue is that many stores keep them in pure freshwater which isn’t good for them. Also make sure that you cover every single hole since they are escape artists, and they do need a place with land so they can escape the water fully.

    I mostly soak mine is a mixture of vinegar and water for a few hours. Then depending on if there is anything dirty, I use a magic eraser with water and scrub it all off (or use those like bathroom toilet brushes to get into the tighter, smaller spots).

    If something is toxic about it, depending on what it is I may use a diluted bleach mixture and then soak in water with prime for days. But that’s very, very rare at best.

    It depends on where it’s going. If I know it’s going somewhere cold, I’ll add heating pads - likewise if it’s going somewhere hot, I’ll add cooling pads to try to not overcook or overheat.

    As far as medicine, I avoid feeding 2 days before shipping (with next day shipping bring a requirement) in order for them to not poop and ammonia poison themselves from stress. I also add in some stress relief, with a tad of prime just in case levels get a little high.

    I’ve never personally shipped or received a fish from outside of my native country (US), so no clue how how to even manage that since many countries can take over 30 days with port inspections and delays.