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    I know that the switch to LEDs was huge for the aquarium industry, which also shows as everything else is heading to full LEDs. In terms of the next lighting evolution, it really might depend on the cost she uses (a reef tank will have completely different needs than a planted tank). It also will be based on cost-effectiveness, since when LEDs first came out they were extremely pricey as well which made it hard for anyone to afford them outside of commercial or professional standpoints.

    I would either have the protein skimmer away from where you are feeding (opposite side of the tank for example), and also make sure to push the food within the water vs. leaving it floating on the top where it may be skimmed up accidentally.

    I've never turned mine off, but I have bigger tanks where the fish all head to where the food is on the other side. If you have a smaller tank, I'd probably recommend more than likely turn it off when feeding to make sure that your food doesn't just end up getting in the filter vs. feeding those fish.

    I'd always just ended up replacing the full glass panel for many reasons.

    Depending on whether it's a chip or crack, you could technically repair chips although there is always the worry that if there was any other damage near/on the fixed chip, it would break/spread easier than now.

    I believe you can fill a chip with the water within there, although if it's cracked (even tiny), you need to replace it completely.

    I would give it time, or try to avoid feeding for a day or two and then use that as food so that they will go after it and eat it. I’d also try to maybe coat them in flakes (if you have any) so that they can get used to the new food size and taste/smell (as many fish are extremely picky over this).

    I currently use a piece of fake driftwood for my African Dwarf Frog tank, and I think the quality is great. I haven’t had any issues with the paint chipping, fading, or random things growing on it (like with other super cheaply painted or made units). For me, it looks kinda fake but once you add in some live plants they kinda help sell that it may be real.

    I wouldn’t honestly worry too much these days - and for a very good reason. Before, many light fixtures were powered by bulbs which, dependent on the fixture and bulb type, had an average lifespan of a year or a couple of years before they went out (or got so dim you couldn’t really use them anymore). Nowadays, almost all light fixtures are powered by LEDs which have a very long lifespan (>10 years on average), and they won’t explode if you accidentally get a drop of water on them when doing water changes.

    If you are buying used light fixtures, I’d try to avoid high-powered units since they must have fans or the lights get too hot and will burn out, and I would also avoid units with non-common light bulb types (which means replacement bulbs are pricey as they are uncommon at best).

    I tend to give them a general cure-all like medicine, along with a treatment for Ich and any parasites. This is to avoid any issues once I add them, in case I didn't catch them having Ich or parasites, that would ruin all of the other species within the tank.

    Hey cy.paul, I appreciate your worry regarding making sure members are always up to date on any news we have. I believe that the current setup (having the announcements at the top, in their own reply-only section) has the benefit to allow those who want to see and read it - to do so.

    I’ve personally seen other communities force you to mark that you have read an announcement or toggle a checkmark to verify that. I don’t believe we need that here, since any announcement wouldn’t be mission-critical like it would be with a service platform, for example.

    Likewise we are working on integrations with out social platform channels to make sure any announcements are automatically pushed to them, so that will help for those who follow us on social networks.

    I can personally 100% can recommend Beamworks or Nicrew for cheap, quality LED lights that will be able to grow low-light plants with ease. Otherwise, I think even trying to get a modular LED light fixture might make sense overall (Aqueon has one where you can buy individual LED strips that can promote light, plants, corals, etc. over time) so you only end up buying what you need or in smaller purchase groups to get the best product overall.

    I think that they stopped selling the fish due to them not being that cost-effective, getting a bunch of bad press when it comes to the conditions that they were kept in (many employees cared less, so they would be covered in ich, half dead, or even fully dead). I also think that this was a way for them to try to get into the world of Petco/Petsmart (as they already sell the equipment, food, etc. for a variety of animals including fish or turtles) since it seems like a very profitable business if you look at the balance sheets of those two major companies.

    I've made a few different types, such as Brine Shrimp (since you can feed with high-quality algae), or even using fruit flies since you can make sure that they are full of protein and other things that are extremely beneficial to fish fry, or even to some fish as their natural diet. I think the biggest aspect is to make sure that they are worth raising in terms of batch size, and then trying to feed them correctly so that they are super nutritious compared to just crushing up food to make it smaller for fry to consume easier.

    In order to make the fry or inverts eat it, I think it's really just around making sure that you place them in the tank next to them so they can see it (and during the day, when the tank has had lights on for awhile so they are fully awake).

    I personally have painted a few of those particleboard-based stands, and I would honestly highly recommend it for a few reasons;

    1) You can ensure the stand doesn't have the cheap, thin, and sometimes not wholly covered paint on the stand

    2) You can add multiple coats, or even add a primer/more durable layer of paint so that if it gets wet from water, it doesn't peel or soak in and instead would use evaporate off (if dry enough).

    3) You can let the tank match either the trim (if not black), or even match other things in the same room (since for whatever reason, the colors many stands come in are either black, a hard-to-match brown, or now slate grey).

    We have received word back from Microsoft, that they have denied our initial request from our ISP. They have requested Microsoft provide reasons why, and to look into this further since we have not been used as sending spam (but someone that is our IP neighbor has been). They noted that the initial denial is not uncommon, and they will update us as they hear back on their follow-up request.

    Like always, we will be manually approving all Microsoft accounts created until this issue has been resolved.

    They have submitted a request to Microsoft on our behalf (since we are not able to get through, each request we've sent resulted in them stating "No Action Taken") to get our emails unblocked. There wasn't any ETA from our ISP as to when we would hear an answer back, but I would expect to know something new within the next 72 hours.

    If we have any other updates we will share them here. As noted we are manually approving all accounts in the meantime until this is fully resolved.