Aqueon 40 Gallon Breeder Turtle Tank

  • Here is a good picture of the level of black beard algae I’m attacking. Ironically it's cleared up from a large portion of the tank (while also turning my plants pretty bare in terms of leaves and whatnot). Otherwise, dosing hydrogen peroxide seems to be attacking it head-on without any major issues that others have faced. I've moved the water outlet pipe (the dry dock is wet in the photos since I was testing where to move it towards for better water circulation), and have slightly shifted the dry rock back a little bit to anchor it down better as the turtle is digging randomly which has shifted it forward and made it wobbly.


    I do have a few baby cichlids roaming the tank (which can be seen by other screenshots I took today), and the turtle is healthier than ever. Still has the odd spot on its shell that did appear as shell rot when I first picked it up, but at this point, I believe it's just the coloration since it hasn't gotten worse or better over the past 2 years.

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  • Wow, I haven’t updated this journal in a LONG TIME.

    Some major changes:

    I mixed up the driftwood appearance a tad as before I felt it was too empty, then way too much wood, and now it feels about right with spaces for the cichlids to hide while also providing support to the basking area that got wobbly after a while (screws were tightened but some weren't screwed in correctly and had to have a new hole or attachment point added).

    The turtle has grown and is doing well. Sadly, every single Chinese algae eater would hunt down until they were fully consumed and eaten. The same is true for any Malaysian Trumpet Snail I would add in, so they all disappeared.

    I've added in Pink Convict Cichlids to help with coloring and mixing things up from the current normal Convict Cichlids that are in here. Additionally, there is now a smaller (temporarily added) Pleco in order to help remove all traces of BBA that I had (which worked, sadly the hydrogen peroxide treatments daily helped keep it in check but it would always come back as I missed spots).

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