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    While I have no experience in this field whatsoever, it does strike me that there likely should be rules for introducing new purchases into a tank, otherwise how do you check that the new arrival is compatible with the existing fish, or that they're going to get along with everyone. So what is the standard operating procedure when it comes to introducing a new fish to the ecology?

    So one thing that seems to be a somewhat common reason for tanks failing and fish and other creatures dying off is the purchasing of poor condition or unhealthy fish, algae, coral, and so on. So for those of us who are new to aquariums and delving into this world for the first time, how do you spot poorly conditioned or even unhealthy fish, algae, coral and so on? It seems a logical question to ask, though I am sure they have fairly obvious tell-tale signs that we will see as we go.

    Sorry for asking such basic questions, this is coming from an absolutely newcomer with no knowledge on this whatsoever!

    Let's say you want to start a saltwater aquarium, you want to start with a just a couple of fish, but eventually move up to a number you don't yet know. How do you plan ahead to ensure you have a large enough tank to accommodate future growth plans? Assuming a reasonable level of growth without getting too excessive, what is a good size tank to go with? Is it best to start with a smaller tank for the first go around and then work up to one that fits your growth plans, or just go all in at the start and build up?