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    I am wanting to build a mangrove tank with macro algae, gorgonians, etc. and acquired a handful of mangrove pods.

    However, I'm seeing threads about how slow these grow in a tank and was wondering if there was a way to purchase a more established mangrove and what species might grow faster?

    Looks like Petsmart has some deals going on now, following the Walmart week of deals aspect. So far seems like a less-than-normal sale (compared to previous years).

    Are there any special requirements when transferring clams from one tank to another?

    Are there specifically any helpful tips along these questions;

    1. Is there any special aspects when holding these outside of water for a few seconds?
    2. Should I clean the shell to make it look fresh or let it be?
    3. Easiest way to remove the clam from a rock or area that it’s been at for awhile?

    Do any of you pressure wash your acrylic tanks? I’m debating on doing this with some of my larger ones since it would be a breeze to wash off any algae or limestone that builds up over time in places that are hard to reach when I do a wipe-down of the front display side.

    Has anyone setup one of these units from Reef Factory, and if so is it worth the cost of the unit? I love the fact that they made this to compete with Alkatronic, but it seems to just be a testing machine compared to one that would add in a buffer as needed after testing.

    I don’t think that I have ever heard of someone wanting to add that in a saltwater tank, but yes it can be done for fish that might be used to darker waters or saltwater areas like Florida swamp areas. I’d just make sure you check the pH and hardness since tannins drop both of those values.

    Yeah I’d say dependent on the tank size that would be a pretty good price overall. The bigger you get though, the more is becomes a higher and higher cost since you need more/better overall equipment to handle the additional water volume.

    Try to have your saltwater mixed in one of those spare plastic tanks that normally store kike chemicals for farms or bug sprayers to use (try to get one new to avoid any contamination with what it held prior). Then you just have to turn that into a hose to your tank for filling up and its cake (since it's way easier to make a huge batch of saltwater at once in my eyes than making it for a few gallons).

    If you have been able to get an uncommon fish pairing that works well, with no fighting, and adequate foraging roam for both, in two species where there is some possibility of conflict, state the two species that you found to be compatible and how you managed to make it work in your tank?

    What tank size and can you post a photo of what that tank looks like?

    I do not, since it is a straight-up PITA to remove from canister filters and has little overall benefits unless you know you want to remove some trace element from the water over time (and know you replace them semi-frequently).

    I don’t think there is ever too much filter media for things do grow, but there can be as you noted way too much water current generated by filters. Any reason you think your current filter media setup is lacking (showing signs of becoming not cycled a tad or something different)?

    Wow what a change when I first came back, the dark theme looks good though! Appreciate the updates to keep things going since so many other communities just stick to what works and won’t update anything else!

    I 100% agree with Li0nFish here - show them some good articles, or videos that go over the concepts. I try to also show them the negatives (such as sick fish, tanks not taken care of correctly, etc.) to show them that a little knowledge beforehand can seriously make these fish thrive and act as they would in the wild, in your own tank.

    I’ve found them to have deals on opposite times for various fish species. Ironically, I find more unique fish (and well, saltwater only fish) at Petco than I would see at Petsmart. It seems some Petco will even take fish from local breeders and sell them compared to Petsmart which wouldn’t even take any outside fish in.

    I’ve seen them, but I tend to just go out and buy one of those APS units for computers (that keep them on when the power goes out) if I was worried about living in an area that had power fluctuation. I guess the best part of having a USB air pump is that its strength is probably low, which might be ideal for newts.