Making live food at home

  • Where are some good places where you have purchased equipment or the necessary aspects for making your own actual alive food at home?

    Any secret aspects you add to make it more beneficial to those fish or inverts that eat it? I personally will make sure my brine shrimp are super-fed with high-quality algae to make them even more of a mixed diet food that is high in nutrient quality.

  • I've made a few different types, such as Brine Shrimp (since you can feed with high-quality algae), or even using fruit flies since you can make sure that they are full of protein and other things that are extremely beneficial to fish fry, or even to some fish as their natural diet. I think the biggest aspect is to make sure that they are worth raising in terms of batch size, and then trying to feed them correctly so that they are super nutritious compared to just crushing up food to make it smaller for fry to consume easier.

    In order to make the fry or inverts eat it, I think it's really just around making sure that you place them in the tank next to them so they can see it (and during the day, when the tank has had lights on for awhile so they are fully awake).

  • My worry is just making sure that while you raise them, that you can give them the best diet to be super beneficial to the fry.

    Do you source the food from somewhere specific? Or do you also try to make that food from home (ex; purposely growing algae in a tank and scrapping it off to feed to these brine shrimp)?

  • I had a friend who used to make their own food because they felt it was better and cheaper than buying the fish food that is already pre-made for them.

    She always used to use any leftover food that she had and make that into food for her fish and she could make a lot for her fish that would cost her a lot less than it used to buy it.

  • Looks like you are adding articles on how to make DIY or homemade food!

    Food -
    There are many different types of food ranging from pellets, flakes, wafers, vegetables, and even foods that are still alive. Since they require nutrition just…

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