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    I do not have any experience with raising saltwater fish, I have always raised only freshwater fish. I find fish like yellow tang, clown fish, and blue tang very cute and I have always wanted to have them as my pets. What tops and advice do you have for someone who is trying saltwater fish for the first time?

    I recently watched a video on youtube where a Canadian guy was breeding aquarium fish in his apartment and selling them to individuals and aquarium shops. He claimed to be making over 50k per month. I found his story quite fascinating. Based on what I saw in the video, the whole work did not seem too complicated. Has anyone done this?

    I do not have a lot of experience with keeping fish in aquariums, I have also not raised too many varieties of fish. I have experience with limited varieties such as gold gish., guppies, zebrafish, and other beginner-friendly fishes. I will like to know about special instructions when it comes to keeping different varieties of fish. What species make good friends and what species do not get along in friendly terms?

    I think overfeeding and underfeeding are two common mistakes that a lot of new fish owners are prone to. failing to notice any issues with their fish and falsely believing that it is natural for fish to remain silent sometimes is also a common mistake, which can lead to the death of fish.

    I do not think fish will recognize you, I believe if they are playful in nature and like people watching them they will display the same behavior to almost all human beings. They do not act differently just because you spend more time with them. But then I might be wrong with this assumption.

    Cory catfish and goldfish both are very common freshwater aquarium fish. Between these two creatures, I have noticed interesting characteristics. While Cory catfish like to live in a group, goldfish do not need company, they can be happy even when they are alone. When you are trying Cory catfish for the first time, you should start with at least 6.

    Do you have rainbow fish in your aquarium? After goldfish, my favorite fish for my aquarium are rainbow fish. There are over 50 species of rainbow fish and my favorite is Melanotaeniid rainbowfish and a rainbow shark. Melanotaeniid rainbowfish is a peaceful creature and rainbow sharks are semi-aggressive.

    Guppies and goldfish are some of the most common pet fish that people like to keep in their aquarium. These two are extremely beautiful creatures and are also easier to mentainon. However, if you have to choose between these two which will you choose?

    I choose goldfish because they can live alone, they don't need companions.

    Have you tried to raise aquarium sharks? Some of the common freshwater aquarium sharks are Red Tail Black Shark, Rainbow Shark, Black Shark Minnow, Bala Shark, Iridescent Shark, etc. I have tried aquarium sharks but I failed at maintaining them. By the way, except for Bull Shark, there are no truly freshwater sharks but you can maintain the ecosystem to raise aquarium sharks.

    In my experience, Corydoras Catfish (or Cory Catfish) is the hardest to maintain. I bought them because they are bottom-dwelling scavengers and efficient tank cleaners, but maintaining them is really difficult.


    I'm not too educated on this topic but I do know a little but what's your favourite type of fish? :P

    I like gold fish!

    I also like goldfish because they are not only very beautiful but, in my experience, they are also easier to maintain.

    I started with one goldfish in a fishbowl. Then I added another one to give it a company. When I got my first aquarium, I added over a dozen fish.

    I voted for both. I like to see various colors, shapes, and sizes in my aquarium. It is so nice to see red, blue, pink, golden, white in the same tank. I also make sure that the species get along well.

    If you are starting first, you should start small. I think it is better to get a fishbowl instead of an aquarium. Once you know how to raise your fish, you can get the bigger aquarium.

    I have a fish pond in my farmhouse. I made the pond to raise goldfish but the woman I hired to look after the pond did not take good care of the fish and they died. Now, I am raising edible fish on the pond.