Rainbow fish

  • Do you have rainbow fish in your aquarium? After goldfish, my favorite fish for my aquarium are rainbow fish. There are over 50 species of rainbow fish and my favorite is Melanotaeniid rainbowfish and a rainbow shark. Melanotaeniid rainbowfish is a peaceful creature and rainbow sharks are semi-aggressive.

  • Do you mean the Bosmani kind?

    I am not very familiar with these kinds of fish as I have never been interested in keeping them. They seem to need very specific needs and you can only put certain other fish with them.

  • Boseman Rainbow Fish is one of the most recognized rainbow fish in the aquarium hobby, many also consider tetra fishes as rainbowfishes. Basically, any fish that looks dazzling with multi colors are termed rainbow fish by hobbyists. They look colorful and make the aquarium look stunning.

  • I will admit that I have seen rainbow fish and I love the colors on them and they are amazing to look at and see but I have never had any rainbow fish, it has always been goldfish.

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