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    We've never built our own. I didn't trust myself to make it quality worth. Plus, I'd feel bad if we didn't build it right & it then killed our fish. So, we've only bought a sump. We did however do maintenance to be sure it kept running well for many years.

    When I was a kid, we had a huge tank. One morning I woke up & there was water on the floor. The tank had a small crack, still don't know what happened to this day. We lost most of our fish. The upside was we were going on vacation that morning so my dad was home to help clean it up.

    I'd be interested in a plant only tank. I've seen some pictures & there are people who make it into a work of art. For those who have one, do you randomly throw in plants or take your time? Similar to a floral arrangement.

    I'd be interested in the starfish. Has anybody had one before? How well did they do versus other algae eaters? Do they have a good personality? Our older algae eater, you could tell, he didn't tolerate when the fish were in his way.

    What's the longest living fish you've had? While I can't remember how old it was, our algae eater got quite big & we had him for many years when I was a kid. He was the first one we had & outlived others we had bought. Don't know what his secret was :)

    All of us know to clean the tank as that keeps the fish healthy. Since I’m into eco-friendly & holistic living, I was wondering if there are some natural ways to clean not only the tank but also the plants & items we have in them?

    We used to have a fish aquarium when I was young then had one as an adult. I was wondering what is everybody's tank size? Do you follow the rule of thumb to have 1 gallon of water per inch of fish? How was the health of your fish following that rule as far as the buildup of algae was concerned?