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    Snails would usually come as eggs attached to gravels, aquatic plants, and decorations when transferred from other tanks. But don't need to worry most of these snails are beneficial to your aquarium as they promote a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

    So the plants I bought a while ago likely had eggs on them. I have switched out everything from the gravel and even left items out to dry but they still keep coming back. The eggs must be microscopic or something!

    It is tough but not impossible. One needs a lot of patience and you will be rewarded well at the end. Firstly the male and female fishes have to be fed protein rich food. Then they have to be placed in the same tank but separated by a transparent divider. This is increases the need to breed when they meet physically. The best time for breeding is during spring. The temperature and the pH of the water have to be maintained during breeding to get the best results.

    Why in spring? Is there something to do with the specific species? I have never heard of this before. I know you can't just keep them both in a tank either as they will fight, especially the males.

    They are great for cleaning tanks. And 3% which you have taken is the right amount. Give it a try once again. It should be fine.

    Yes, I will. I am hoping I do not have to though! I don't want to have an algae issue like that again. It was BAD. It took me changing the tank completely to get rid of it.

    We all have to start somewhere, it's understandable that as amateurs we don't know what to do and how to maintain a tank. But with patience and love, we can all learn to take better care of our aquarium. And can gradually make our move towards an aquarium with a self-sustaining ecosystem.

    Having a self-sustaining tank is such a good move but it is very hard to achieve and can take years to find the right balance and care system. I think it is easier to do in salt water tanks.

    Whenever I hear the word endangered, it says two things. 1)It's very hard to get and 2)It's very hard to maintain. Would suggest others steer out of these endangered varieties. If you really love them and if you can afford professional care and assistance, then you can go for them following all the legal documentation, safety protocols, and regulations.

    In the wild, they are but the varieties that you find as pets are not the same. They are actually bred to be kept as pets and from what I have been reading, they are fairly simple to care for but just quite boring I guess. A lot of people seem to lost interest in them.

    It seems like glass is preferred and more common but a lot of people seem to be opting for plexiglass (plastic) ones instead these days. Most of the time, these have to be custom-made and bought from companies that make them to order but there are some options available online and in pet stores if you are looking for a smaller tank.

    Has anyone here had any success with it? Is it hard to do?

    I have considered doing it as a hobby in the past to try and get some stunning colorations from it and to sell them. I just don't know how hard it is or how costly it can get.

    So I noticed, no matter how many times I completely clean out my tank... I seem to keep ending up with very tiny snails in it.

    They don't get too out of control but it can be annoying at times when they get into the filter. Where are they coming from?

    I’ve found them to have deals on opposite times for various fish species. Ironically, I find more unique fish (and well, saltwater only fish) at Petco than I would see at Petsmart. It seems some Petco will even take fish from local breeders and sell them compared to Petsmart which wouldn’t even take any outside fish in.

    I didn't know they worked with local breeders. I have both places near me and since my main aquarium shop closed down last year, they seem to be my only option in the area. Knowing this, I will get more from Petco from now on.

    I’d say that it's safe in decent doses (like don’t use a whole bottle without a huge water change), and try to use it with a syringe to make it the most effective at targeting the algae vs. using a cup or other method.

    Yeah this is what I have read. I was going to try this but was too worried about something going wrong. I will give this a try if the issue arises again before using toxic chemicals. I know even items bought for fish tanks can be toxic to fish!