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    I prefer 8,000K White This spectrum is ideal for live planted aquariums as it mimics shallow water conditions and usually produces higher PAR (ppfd) for stronger plant growth. And this gives a very natural look to your aquarium.

    I love watching fishes, and my aquarium is right next to my coffee table. I watch them for hours daily. If I see something leaking or the fishes are slow and tired, would immediately check all the connections and check all the units to see if they are working properly. If you are a hobbyist or enthusiast would definitely recommend spending time with the fishes, it relaxed your mind and you would feel calm.

    Koi betas are trending now. Many new hobbyists are getting into this. This has increased the demand and has risen the prices now. You can check with your local aquarium they might be able to get you a better deal or try to connect with a beta breeder online, they would be able to get you beta cheap.

    Amphibians evolved from fishes and aquatic creatures, so they basically need water in, a moist or muddy environment to survive. It helps to keep their skin moist, and it helps them to breathe better. They like to use both their lung capacity to breathe on land and their gills capacity to breathe underwater. So it is best to place them in such environments where they can get the best of both air and water.

    Can you have more than one turtle in the same tank? How can you tell if it’s female or male easily as I don’t want eggs.

    You can identify the turtle as male or female by looking at the tail formation. And if you have a large tank setting, you can have multiple turtles. You can also keep them as pairs in multiple subsections inside the same tank. Provide them with proper food and proper care, they would last very long and would be a great addition to your home.

    Boseman Rainbow Fish is one of the most recognized rainbow fish in the aquarium hobby, many also consider tetra fishes as rainbowfishes. Basically, any fish that looks dazzling with multi colors are termed rainbow fish by hobbyists. They look colorful and make the aquarium look stunning.

    Whenever I hear the word endangered, it says two things. 1)It's very hard to get and 2)It's very hard to maintain. Would suggest others steer out of these endangered varieties. If you really love them and if you can afford professional care and assistance, then you can go for them following all the legal documentation, safety protocols, and regulations.

    Looks very unique, are they safe to keep in an aquarium? Heard they are amphibians. What kind of food do they eat? Is it safe to keep other fishes in the same tank?

    I love color fish, they are the best. It's absolutely stunning and mesmerizing to watch. Neon tetra fish with proper lighting is an absolute delight to watch. Your aquarium would look like a moving painting and a work of art.

    I once had LionFish in my tank. It was very scary to change the water and it was very hard to carry on the regular maintenance work. This fish looks great, but its spikes are poisonous. So would recommend getting professional help for maintenance if you are planning to have this fish in your tank.