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  • I love the place, definitely cool having a shoutbox too. Any ideas on if you could have this on like the main page? I feel like these it would get a ton of traction

  • @darrie53 - I’ve thought about placing it on the main page for the forum, but I feel like it gets in the way of discussions since many people would just want to use that to communicate vs. creating a thread.

  • Maybe once is more heavily active, I can run some tests and see what people think, or create different shoutboxes are “rooms” to discuss specific topic subsets vs. a general free-for-all like this.

  • No worries was just curious since I’m not sure how much use this gets when the only link is at the bottom of the page 🙂

  • Thank you for your feedback though! I do agree it’s not too active due to it being at the bottom of the page footer area. I might add it to the top header submenu area to increase activity.

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  • Happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate today, and may you find the best aquatic deals out there this weekend if you are searching!

  • Thank you - you too!

  • thanks for having this forum and community, hopefully I can meet you all soon!

  • You are both welcome!

  • I've fixed some issues with the calculators, where they weren't reporting the right error message (or showing no error and no results) in some cases. Thanks!

  • With the calendar up and running, do you guys want to see other member’s birthdays listed on it? Or would that be overkill especially since we’re trying to focus it on actual events?

  • Happy Holidays everyone! And I also wish you and your family a wonderful new year!

  • thanks you all too! 🎆

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  • Happy late new year everyone! Hope you guys have a cool party (or watching the ball event)!

  • As far as seeing other’s birthdays, I feel like that’s overkill since a bunch of communities have that and their calendar gets LOADED with useless birthday information.

  • also thanks for having ads be disable for registered members instead of paying for a membership to do that 🤟