• @Brosj good catch - this is not intentional and appears to be an issue where the JavaScript that this shoutbox runs is also hiding other elements above the page (it does not happen on a desktop browser).

  • If you all want please help us add local fish stores to our Points of Interest map. Your help in your local area stores can help TONs who may look!

  • Thank you all! I just got my first tank setup and have had it going for a little bit. I appreciate all of the help!

  • Always here to help! Feel free to ask anything even if it’s simple, advanced, or something that you are just generally curious about.

  • Just ran a system update for our account, which added a few new features and made things faster/snappier. Please let me know if you see anything that is off or not working as expected!

  • Thanks for the giveaway contests you do!

  • Cool place that is setup here! :)

  • Love the place!

  • Thanks! I just updated the font that we use to better match our logo and also make it easier to read on multiple devices. Let me know what you think!

  • Love new look!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope that you have a great day with your family, and also get ready to score on some of the Black Friday deals for aquarium related supplies.

  • Thanks! I hope that you had a really good thanksgiving too!

  • Any reason why the arrow button is in some other language?

  • I need to fix that, the issue is that it appears to be in the core file for the shoutbox

  • But the problem is whenever the developer updated the package, it gets overwritten. Let me make a support ticket with then to fix that since the emojis are correct.

  • Developer got back and will fix this to make it a phrase in the next release (so will be fixed soon). Thanks for reporting it!

  • Happy Christmas to everyone!

  • I hope that everyone has a happy new year! See you guys all in 2021!

  • Happy new year to all! 😁

  • Happy new year to everyone! (I know this is so late).

  • We have released our light theme! Feel free to go into your account, and change the theme from "Default" or "Tales of Midnight to the light theme "Tales of Daylight". Let us know what you think!

  • Aw yeah this light theme is dope! Is there any way to make the navigation color for the menu items like black on mobile? It’s pretty hard to see when it’s like a light grey and the current text is showing as white. Otherwise no other complaints so far!

  • actually looks like my replies in this shoutbox are blue with a offgrey color so I can’t even read what I typed. That needs to be fixed too 😭

  • Yes - I’ll work on fixing that tomorrow for both of the issues. Will provide you an update (or if you use the theme you’ll see it get fixed when the changes are made).

  • Thank you for reporting it!

  • Shoutbox has been updated to fix the language issue with the Submit and Cancel buttons. I’ve also fixed the text coloration for your own messages on the new lighter theme - but the color of the username still needs to be fixed.

  • On mobile (tested on an iPhone and an Android), the coloration has been made darker so the white text looks way easier to read. Let me know if you see anything else funky color wise!

  • Fixed color of the username to make it more readable on the light theme.

  • Also to those who celebrate, happy early Valentine’s Day!

  • How are you all doing? I just recently purchased one of those Top Fin tanks (3 gallon, due to desk space) that is tinted on all of the sides minus the front. Going to try to start another breeding project with either ADFs (African Dwarf Frogs) or shrimp (possibly cherry shrimp).