• How is everyone doing!>

  • Doing good and you?

  • Can we get more articles on plants or setting up a planted tank by chance?

  • Yes - I know that I need to start producing more content but an article on that is for sure in the planned stage!

  • Heads up, you may see a new banner when you visit as a visitor before you sign in. I'll go over this in the next announcement release.

  • But it mostly has to stem from various US states, and other visitors from EU countries, having a cookie consent requirement for Targeting Cookies.

  • We're working on fixing the dimensions of the banner on mobile devices to show correctly (i.e; on phones), but it'll stay due to legal requirements that we must fulfill.

  • If you all have any questions before the announcement comes out, let me know so I can answer them here - thank you!

  • As another note, our Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect the better terminology of the cookies that we use on, along with specifics from which platform that they are generated on/from.

  • Since the consent management tool had issues displaying correctly on devices, I’ve taken it down for the time being

  • Once the issues are resolved, you may see them reappear in order to stay compliant with various cookie laws

  • We've heard some of your feedback, and are starting to implement more photos into our articles and species profile pages to help at a glance view items (and not look at giant blocks of texts).

  • We will share an update in the news section shortly on all of the changes that we have been implementing, thanks for sticking with us as we enhance our content and what we have to offer for you!

  • Happy New Year Community Members! It's been a long year, with a lot of updates (still many more to come, hence the delay in the news release). Can't wait too show you all what is expected in 2024!

  • Welcome to the new updated! I'm excited to finally share some of the major things we plan on releasing shortly!