• Ah this is cool! Didn’t even notice it till I scrolled to the footer of the page :D

  • Not sure if you solved the problem or not, but for me it took a little bit to load everything and then it scrolls automatically to the last message and not the ones in between at all.

  • Ironically, I haven’t changed anything since having it the other way made less sense (why would you scroll down to see older conversations).

  • but glad that it appears to be fixed (or well, a known issue with loading).

  • I did reduce the number of shoutbox entries from 100 down to 30, so hopefully that will cut down its usage while we are trying to fix the SQL problem. Sadly, that is one of the reasons why we haven’t specifically called this page out in the navigation area yet.

  • Problem is fixed now - weird glitch

  • Ironically I think I see the issue when viewing as a guest - but I think this might be by design since it won’t be able to tell a guest who has read anything vs. some parts. If you still see this as a user though let me know so I can try some test accounts out.

  • Hi everyone! It worked fine for me when loading on my computer, and automatically scrolled to the bottom without really having to do anything although wait for it to load.

  • Might just be a guest issue and also having to wait for the whole page to fully load then which makes better sense. Thanks for all of the troubleshooting everyone!

  • I’ve tried to decrease the amount of time it will take to fully load this page - and have also increased the amount of cache-able items so that future visits will be twice as fast. Let me know if any of you see any other issues. Hoping to have this whole shoutbox added to the header somewhere so that others can see it’s visibility once we iron the kinks out.

  • Haven’t had the issue with it scrolling not by itself yet. Only have seen that on loading the page honestly.

  • So what are you guys and gals all up to?

  • Ah this is cool! What’s the right bar that’s empty for?

  • oh, nevermind - it shows who is on recently or something because my name is on it now.

  • And not much Brosj, just trying to learn more about the soil tanks for plants that was shown in the freshwater getting started guide. Do any of you know the answers to my questions? Dirted tank questions

  • oh that’s pretty cool it takes a full like url and puts what the title is.

  • Yes! The right sidebar will show users who have been active in the past 15 minutes. And that is correct! Anything linked within our website will show the title of it vs. the full URL since some of them can get pretty lengthy.

  • As far as your question, I’ll take a look shortly once I resolve a few other issues I see that are occurring with failed email verifications going (specifically now landing in the spam/junk folders).

  • Thank you a ton for answering it!

  • definitely a cool idea with this chat box though! Appreciate it!

  • Still working on making things more useful around here, but allows for more instant like communication when things are more critical or others just want to have a generic chat about whatever.

  • Let us know if we can help you out more with any other questions you have, and get your username changed from "NoFishBefore" to "FishMaster" ;)

  • Seems like everything is loading even faster than when I first came to here. Including this shoutbox lol

  • but shoot I feel like you could make every a fish master with the knowledge. I just can’t wait to read more of the saltwater articles and then some like species profile pages too!

  • We’re working on it! Hoping to be starting to pump out new pages/articles at the rate of 1 per week, and then slowly increase once we have the layouts down. Right now still working on the species profile layout since I want to include a lot of information on both a quick look view and then a more detailed read.

  • Just takes the right way to make people want to read it, with photos. Is there anyway you can add in the same layout with photos to the disease pages so we can see if it actually looks like that given one?

  • also just noticed - when you scroll down on the shoutbox page and then scroll up to the top the logo on the top disappears until you click it.

  • same with all of the icons actually

  • @Brosj good catch - this is not intentional and appears to be an issue where the JavaScript that this shoutbox runs is also hiding other elements above the page (it does not happen on a desktop browser).

  • If you all want please help us add local fish stores to our Points of Interest map. Your help in your local area stores can help TONs who may look!