Shoutbox Usage

You must enable Javascript in your browser otherwise the functionality of the Shoutbox will be reduced. To participate, you must have a registered account that has been verified to add to the discussion. Otherwise, you will only be able to view the messages that are displayed by other users.


The Shoutbox provides a convenient place for people to have side discussions, or rapid discussions when it comes to requiring help with a specific topic. We encourage everyone to use the Shoutbox and want to make sure that it runs as fast as possible for all users. Every few seconds the Shoutbox will refresh behind the scenes to provide you with new messages that have been entered into it by other users. On the sidebar, you will notice usernames for those that are actively engaged with the Shoutbox in the past minute. If you want to quickly view an active user's profile, you can select their username in the sidebar or selecting their avatar/username in the actual Shoutbox and select "User Profile".

Green messages will be any message that is yours that you have sent, while white messages will be any message that another user has sent in. We currently support auto-scrolling based on the flow of messages, however, this can be turned off by selecting the "Options" tab near the top corner.


Did you want to search through some messages that have already disappeared from the main view of the shoutbox? We currently are keeping an archive for all messages that are entered into the Shoutbox Archive. Feel free to view this and see what other discussions may have happened while you were away if there is high activity in the Shoutbox.