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  • I was randomly trying to access here early in the morning for an hour but kept seeing this internal error and to let the administration know that it was being logged to some text file...was this an issue on my end?

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    We currently have had a third-party do status uptime checks (and page load speed tests) from around the world at a set interval. So far it appears that this trend is keeping (unfortunately) steady from around 2AM MST to around 4-6AM MST.

    In short; this has nothing to do with you, but rather is a database resource contention issue with our hosting provider. I’ve already set the caching limit to the highest setting with our CDN and have enabled AMP to prevent those errors from showing on our static set of pages - but anything forum related, registering, logging in, searching, or changing settings will trigger this around those times (as your requesting dynamic content instead).

    From doing some digging, it appears that for whatever reason the hosting provider we are using has their database server pegged throughout that time, which prevents some of the required queries we need to load content, gather dynamic elements, and more. I’ve already started the process to move our database to another system (this time, only bound by if there are hardware failures) and am just finalizing the security processes required along with other alerting types. So far this is roughly 1-2 weeks away, before I will migrate everything over (should only take 15-30minutes of downtime) for it to start spinning on our dedicated system and resources.

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