News: Edition 3

  • We have a bunch of new items to go over that we have recently added, changed, or modified in their current state. We list below some of the high-level changes and are even going to show you some of the planned changes that we are currently either exploring as options, in the work of modifying/creating, or have on the to-do list once some other items get progressed more.

    Recent Changes

    • We have added additional social media accounts to sign in to the forum with.
    • We have added a Shoutbox (which can be viewed in the footer) for everyone to discuss in real-time, or with a delay on any important items.
    • We have added a new Points Of Interest system that will contain all locations of local fish stores, big-box aquarium stores, and breeders. We're slowly adding them over time across the United States - and then will start adding locations around the world! Please help us add locations that are not already added so we can finish this task quicker.
    • There are more trophies for everyone to earn overtime which allows for everyone to have a chance no matter skill level, or how frequently they visit!
    • We have changed the areas for some of the footer ads to now be less noticeable while browsing as a Guest (note that when you register an account and are signed in we display no ads anywhere as our promise for free content).

    Upcoming Planned Changes

    • We're testing a newsletter-based system that would allow for someone who has already created an account or those who have not, to receive a monthly newsletter based on current events happening without the aquarium trade around the world. Our initial tests look good, however, we are having issues when it comes to cycle-based content. More information will be released once we iron out some bugs.
    • Exploring the option of having built-in apps to do calculations for items quickly, including possibly checking if a given set of species are compatible with another set. We're also making sure that these work with mobile browsers since a few methods we have tested do not work correctly on some mobile browsers.
    • As always, adding new content to all of the categories to provide you with the best and most current information regarding algae, fish, diseases, and more!
  • Holy crap that Points Of Interest that shows all of the stores looks like an absolutely HUGE task - but it’s extremely helpful since you find places that are specifically local and even call them or look at what other people say that may have been there before via the comments.

    I wish you the best of luck finishing that, since I know focusing on the US and then other countries is probably the line of order and there are hundreds of thousands of entries I bet that will end up on there.

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