Can’t read username on mobile device

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  • Thanks for the report! Ironically it’s not just you, and appears to be a design element that has a problem. I’ve already notified the theme designer so that they can fix this problem (so bear with us, it may take a few days).

    I’m also working on fixing where it is capitalizing every main header element, making the color of text brighter since it’s a tad too dark along a non-black background, along with redoing the homepage (so items may be missing, or appear half finished) on there until it’s all done.

    I hope that using this theme, we can improve the functionality of the community as the upgrade we just did broke the theme previously used badly (with no ETA at all on any fix).

  • This issue has been resolved - thanks!

    Shoutbox issue has also been resolved.

    Working on updating text color has been resolved. I've left the capital letter aspect alone since it requires a few more edits that may change other items as well (will need to break them apart first).

  • September 23, 2021 at 3:07 PM

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