Fish Tanks

  • Hi everyone,

    I've had my fish pump for about 6 months now and regularly change the filter but my question is when is a good time to buy a completely new pump for the tank?

  • I’d honestly say whenever you run into major issues. I’ve had friends who have had the same filter running but have changed parts out (like propeller or motor) and it keeps on going.

    A lot of things have replaceable parts, which can show you a solid company vs. ones that try to not sell parts and make you spend money the second something breaks.

  • I’d say when it no longer makes sense to replace. Some pumps can last years or even a ton if they are serviced and things taken care of without the motor failing.

    100% agree with JamesG! If the filter is running fine, no need to replace it. But once the manufacturer stops making spare parts or supporting them then it’s time to possibly switch in case someone thing goes wrong and you are SOLA

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