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    I’d check to make sure that the manufacturer has a weight listed per each shelf, since the whole unit may be able to hold that weight but each shelf can’t hold enough for a decent sized tank.

    This isn’t the case with all tanks, which I’ll outline below;


    Now with glass tanks, all of the pressure is actually applied and spread to the corners of the tank (which is why you have tank stands that only hold the tanks on the corners fully). Placing mats underneath aren’t recommend since it can shift weight over time, and apply all of the pressure from the corners to other parts - which under pressure/tension, will crack the glass.


    Aryclic tanks actually spread the weight out from the bottom to the sides. These must have a completely even stand/bottom, where any imperfection on the weight being distributed on the tank can cause some unevenness and will put more water pressure on other aspects. Since it’s acyclic, it won’t specific break, but it will cause for the sides to bow outward more where there is uneven weight and can cause for the acyclic to deform over time (and thus causing for a weak spot where it will break at - but extremely rare).

    Thank you for the huge explanation. I always wondered why it was even a thing, but makes sense if it came from acrylic tanks and then people thought it might make more sense for glass tanks too.

    I’ve seen mostly 99.99% of saltwater tanks are always acrylic and not glass, like how it’s flipped with freshwater. Is there any specific reason for this? Is it due to size, or salt eating the silicone or something else?

    I’d say when it no longer makes sense to replace. Some pumps can last years or even a ton if they are serviced and things taken care of without the motor failing.

    I’ve seen a ton of people say that in uneven surfaces it’s better to use styrofoam or rubber under the tank to keep it level - but I hear this mostly with acrylic tanks than with glass. Is there any reason for this? Most say that it evens things out on the stand, but I was always under the impression that the stand is what makes the tank level to began with.

    I would say make sure you always watch out from cichlids (African do not mix with Central/South American), and you can also run into issues from community fish with other semi-aggressive fish that may look small but are a terror