Do you run CO2 in your planted tanks?

  • With the ability to have CO2 from either a canister you refill or a DIY method of producing it, do you run this into your tanks or just let the plants consume whatever they can naturally/normally?

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  • Injecting CO2 sounds like it could be potentially an issue, atleast with me in the past 15 years. I've only recently had the opportunity to not have to aggressively check equipment. Though, if those living with me end up touching stuff without my being around, it could be a messy business.

  • Do you know of the DIY method they use? Is it cost effective and are there any like dangers using CO2?

    I know that people have used things like a plastic water bottle, some tubing, and then using yeast, baking soda and sugar to create the reaction that releases CO2. I know of a few friends who use this method, but it’s not as stable since the yeast and sugar only lasts so long before you need to toss it and make a new batch (and it doesn’t make as much CO2 compared to using like an actually bottle of CO2).

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