How Do You Know What Size Tank You Need?

  • Sorry for asking such basic questions, this is coming from an absolutely newcomer with no knowledge on this whatsoever!

    Let's say you want to start a saltwater aquarium, you want to start with a just a couple of fish, but eventually move up to a number you don't yet know. How do you plan ahead to ensure you have a large enough tank to accommodate future growth plans? Assuming a reasonable level of growth without getting too excessive, what is a good size tank to go with? Is it best to start with a smaller tank for the first go around and then work up to one that fits your growth plans, or just go all in at the start and build up?

  • Well, it is always good to start small, if you aren't planning to have a half a dozen or more fish that can grow pretty big. 25-30 gallon size tanks tend to be pretty good on a few starter fish, if you buy the proper equipment and supplies. The type of fish you put in there too, can help with whether or not a medium size tank would be a good choice for how many gets put into there.

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