Can an aquarium chiller be used instead of a heater?

  • In such instances, aquarium coolers might be used instead of heaters. Some individuals prefer to have multiple heaters in their aquarium, especially if it is large and kept in a chilly environment. This is advantageous because if the first heater fails, the second will maintain the desired temperature.

    Can you use an aquarium cooler instead of a heater?

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  • I don't think that it can be a replacement for a heater since they function completely differently. For example, a chiller/cooler actually cools the water down in case it gets too hot for specific species (think mostly of saltwater tanks). A cooler, in theory, cannot heat the water at all since many don't have that function unless you buy a combo unit that does (which isn't normally used unless you need to process a lot of water through the same system).

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