Describe some amphibians that have flourecense?

  • A fluorescent animal is an animal that emits light through a chemical reaction in its body, without the help of outside light sources. The order Anura includes frogs and toads, but it is not the only amphibian group to have biofluorescence. This phenomenon happens in at least five other anuran families: Leptodactylidae, Bufonidae, Centrolenidae, Dendrobatidae, and Ranidae.

  • I'm not too sure that there are any that can be kept within an aquarium (yet), although with the rise of GloFish I will be generally curious if they start to move these into common amphibian breeds such as African Dwarf Frogs, or even move them into invertebrates such as Ghost Shrimp or other species of Shrimp.

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